How To Turn On Windows 11 Dark Mode?

windows 11 dark modeIn our article, we explain how you can activate Dark mode or Dark mode.

Windows 11 is the new version of Windows that Microsoft will release after Windows 10.What is Windows 11, what are its features, when will windows 11 come out, What will be the price of Windows 11 Answers to all questions about Windows 11 like You can read our article here.

Windows 11 downloads are Microsoft’s You can follow the page.

dark mode A very useful feature for people who experience sensitivity to white light. Windows 11’s dark mode has been redesigned to be blacker with OLED-based screens in mind. Enabling dark mode in Windows 11 is a very easy process, just like in Windows 10.

Here’s how you can enable Dark Mode in Windows 11 via Settings.

Activate windows 11 dark mode

After right click on desktop personalize Let’s select the option.

How To Turn On Windows 11 Dark Mode?

From the Personalization section Themes Let’s choose the part.

How To Turn On Windows 11 Dark Mode?

under change theme Windows (Dark) Click .

How To Turn On Windows 11 Dark Mode?

That’s our business.

Last Updated: July 13, 2021

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