How to Verify Your Account on TikTok?

As with other social media platforms, TikTokVerifying in can provide a great boost for your company. Verifying your account gives you a legal and authentic image; It shows your followers or potential followers that you are a real company.

However, especially TikTokIt is not easy to get the blue check mark in. In order to receive verified account approval, the account holder must be public figures, celebrities, brands (businesses – companies) and publishers; but sufficiently to manage a public person or a brand (firm – business). ‘legal’ What exactly does it do?

TikTok‘a Content Creator Launch Teamhas strict criteria and rules for account verification. The main reason for account verification is to protect popular content creators who may be impersonated, copied, or bullied. They also want to attract celebrities, politicians, musicians and other very popular figures to use their platform.

So if you want your account verified, you must meet the following criteria.

Can You Request (Account) Verification on TikTok?

Instagram and Twitter etc. As with most platforms, with the verified account icon blue check markYou can apply to be evaluated to get the title. But TikTok This does not apply to. TikTok team searches for accounts that may require verification and provides verified account confirmation on their own initiative.

Can You Buy TikTok Verification?

No! Watch out for scams in this regard! TikTokYou cannot purchase verification at all.

TikTok Account verification is given free of charge to users selected by the team. There are many scammers who claim to be able to verify your account for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Never be fooled by these and similar claims! It is not legal or legitimate, and if they trick you into taking money from you, there is nothing you can do to get your money back. The only way to get verified account approval (sign) is to meet the criteria and TikTok It is chosen by the team.

So, What Are TikTok’s Criteria To Get The Blue Tick, The Verified Account Icon?

TikTok‘ta Content Creator Launch Team in contact with TikTok professional Rachel PedersonAccording to, the criteria they look at when evaluating an account for verification are:

  • Reasonable daily follower growth: Approx per day 500 with 000 Accounts winning followers
  • Increasing watch time: Accounts getting more and more views and watch time
  • Media coverage: Accounts of users on leading and reputable media platforms such as newspapers, TV shows and magazines
  • Fast spreading and most watched content on the internet: Accounts that spread rapidly on the internet and publish highly watched content
  • Having a verified account on other social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and / or TwitterAccounts of users with verified accounts in

If you are already a celebrity or a media phenomenon, these criteria are fine for you. But if you’re trying to promote your brand as a small business owner, meeting these criteria can be extremely difficult.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

Request, TikTok ‘ta verified account confirmation Here are some ways to increase your chances of getting:

Consistently Produce Great Content

You may not have your control and initiative to spread and watch your videos quickly on the internet, but you can try to make them viral (spread quickly and worth watching a lot). Make sure you post great content regularly.

Here are a few ways to boost your videos:

  • Use high quality equipment (cameras, etc.)
  • Use popular music in your video content
  • Pay attention to the details: Do you have a good stage background for video shooting? How is your lighting?
  • Use the necessary tools (software, app, video templates, etc.) to make your videos look cool and professional.

Interact and Collaborate with Other Users

Gaining more followers and TikTokwith the verified account icon of blue check markIf you want to buy, following accounts with multiple followers and interacting with other users is one of the best methods. When you reach enough people with your great content, your audience can grow exponentially.

Try to be Noticed by the Media

Make sure your company is doing extraordinary, remarkable things that will get enough attention in the media. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of those if you have some connections in the media. You should definitely consider taking part in public projects or events that will help you get noticed.

Verify Your Account On Other (Social Media) Platforms

Apply for account verification on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms and TikTok Make sure it is linked to your account.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Account Verification

Ultimately, to verify the account and TikTokIn, getting the blue tick with the verified account icon is not something you have entirely. So it doesn’t make much sense to get stuck on the blue tick icon. To grow your brand or TikTokYou don’t need account verification to become a popular and reputable company in.

Just TikTok Focus on growing your business account, building new connections, having fun and creating great content. In this process verified account confirmation If you do, that would be great; If you don’t, continue to produce great content again!

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