Huawei Mate 40 Series Accessories

Huawei, Mate 40 Along with the new devices of its series, it also introduced quite remarkable new accessories that you can use in these devices. The first of these accessories M-Pen 2 pen with the name. Besides their new devices, this pen HuaweiIt can also be used in tablets of. 4096 this pen supporting pressure level, 10 seconds even if used for writing and drawing continuously throughout 40 day can offer battery life. This pen, which can be charged wirelessly, 5 mincharge 2 momentsoffers the opportunity to use. M-Pen 2 of the pen Europe‘gives 99€ Let’s say that it will be sold in return.

Mate 40 Another new accessory introduced with the series is 50W supported wireless charger. There is also a device on this device to make it easier to fix the phone. Another accessory designed for cars is 66W supported corded charger. Thanks to this charger Mate 40 Pro users even in their cars, Huawei They will be able to reach the fastest charging speed the company has ever offered.

Another accessory among the introduced devices is 66W has fast charging support powerbank device Huawei 12000. SuperCharge the one powerbank, as the name suggests 12000 mAh with battery capacity.

Huawei Mate 40 One of the latest and most remarkable accessories introduced for the series Ring Light Case sheath named. On the back of this cover, a removable ring is mounted. When opened to the public, it offers lighting that you can take a selfie even in the darkest environments. Only Mate 40 Pro Compatible with models, this case can be charged wirelessly by the phone. Black, White and Silver available in color options Ring Light Case‘in, Europe‘gives 69€ stated that it will be sold in exchange.

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