I Forgot My Tiktok Password and Email!

I forgot my tiktok password and email!

I forgot my Tiktok password and email step by step for those who have the problem TikTok account recovery explain their work.

TikTok forgot his passwordIf you are, your e-mail address is required to log into your account and receive a new password. If you have forgotten your TikTok login e-mail address and you do not know which e-mail address you signed up with, follow the steps in our article. Recover your TikTok accountwe are possible.

The only way to recover TikTok account with forgotten TikTok password or e-mail address is to perform phone verification. If you have registered your phone in your TikTok account, forget your password or e-mail address, you can easily log in to your account with SMS verification.

I forgot my Tiktok password and email! How can I recover my TikTok account?

SMS verification is the only way to recover TikTok account, except for forgotten password or email. If you have not registered your phone to TikTok account, it is impossible to recover your account.

However, if you remember the e-mail address you entered while signing up, you can get your account back.

Now Recover TikTok accountLet’s see how to make phone verification for k:

  • On the TikTok app or on the web www.tiktok.com Enter the address.
  • Login Tap the button.
  • Telephone / e-mail / use username selection do it.

I Forgot My Tiktok Password and Email!

  • at the bottom left of the screen login with password Tap the link.

I Forgot My Tiktok Password and Email!

  • Did you forget your password? Click on the link and enter your phone number and code Send Click the button.

I Forgot My Tiktok Password and Email!

  • Entering the new password Login to TikTok account You can do.

For users who join TikTok with another social media account, their passwords must be reset from the relevant platform.

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