Instagram Online Shutdown

Last updated: January 11, 2021

Instagram online status lets your friends see the last time you were active. Instagram activitythose who want not to be seen Instagram online shutdown They can process.

The Instagram online feature is a feature that shows when and what time of the last login.

What is Instagram last seen feature?

Last seen feature, in the DM (Direct Message) section of Instagram, “Active now”, “Active 10 minutes ago” It is the feature of presenting papers like.

Who can see the Instagram online feature?

Your last seen time is not visible to everyone, but only by people you send direct messages to and follow on Instagram. If your account is public and someone you are not following sends a DM, they cannot see the last time you were active.

Where to view Instagram last seen?

Look at Instagram last seen for;

  • To log in to Instagram and see the last seen of someone you have messaged before, come to the DM box.
  • If the last seen feature of the user is active, the last seen moment will be written under the name.

Instagram online shutdown

Instagram online shutdown to process;

  • By opening Instagram on your phone ProfileClick on your
  • With Three Line icons menu by entering the part of SettingsSign in to.
  • Privacy > Movement Status Click on the tab.
  • Show Movement Status your rod closed make it.

Close Instagram activity When you activate the feature, the accounts you follow cannot see whether you are online or when you were last online, but you cannot see the last seen hours and activities of the people you follow.

Instagram does not appear last seen?

Instagram does not appear last seen the other party Close Instagram activity, Instagram last seen shutdown means the transaction has done.

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