Ledlenser ML6 Led Kamp Lambası

Ledlenser ML6 Led Kamp Lambası

New ultra light and compact, portable, waterproof Ledlenser ML6, a major revolution in outdoor searchlights…. Hardly any LED camping lantern, Ledlenser ML6 it is not as compact and powerful.

The device offers a bright and at the same time pleasant, glaring light technology. Inside 18 piece led lamp, custom Micro Prism This searchlight sets new standards in terms of light quality and energy efficiency with its lens technology. Dimming, powerbank,
new and special features such as reading light and carry lock, Ledlenser ML6makes the perfect camping and outdoor travel spotlight you can trust.

With a mobile phone or device thanks to the searchlight application
It can also be controlled with the supplied remote control wristband.

New Ledlenser ML6, in the camping metal plate or engine hood, with its magnetic base, strong and
it creates a constant light source. It can be used in all conditions with its body made of rubber resistant to all weather conditions. Thanks to its compact design, it never recognizes obstacles. Not affected by mountain, camping and trekking, torrential rain or accidental drops in water Ledlenser ML6Thanks to its waterproof body, it provides a comfortable and safe use.

Thanks to its magnetic base Ledlenser ML6provides a firm and secure grip on all metal surfaces, tent poles, boat hulls, almost everywhere. device 2-different version available; one is a white light, the other is a (warmer) yellow light version. But if this feature is operated at maximum performance, both devices will be the version with yellow warm light. 30dk drains the battery earlier. While the device is on + key 2sn press long bust switch to mode and the device 1dk working at maximum light power throughout.

Inside the device 3000mah chargeable 1-additional battery comes out. In the tent, in the lake or in the mountains, new Ledlenser ML6offers a non-glare light and practical power source for smartphones and the like that you can use for hours. Ledlenser, the latest lens technology made for glare-free light and high energy efficiency
is a camping lamp.

It has magnet, rubber hanging hook and tripod tripod connection point to hold on metal surfaces. It has removable legs with integrated, foldable metal hooks. The device can be charged with mobile phone chargers via USB. Cell phones etc. in compulsory situations. to charge electronic devices USB from the port Powerbank feature is one of its important features… ..

Additional Features:

  • 280gr have weight
  • Easy to use, steplessly dimmable internal battery indicator
  • Fluorescent mode to better find the lamp in the dark
  • 70-momentlight duration up to
  • 750-20 inter-lumen light brightness (dimmable)
  • Transport security
  • Red reading lamp (speaking face to face without eyes)
  • Waterproof (IP54) certification
  • Lighting functions
  • Flash, Boost, Low Power, Power, Pulse, SOS, Strobe features
  • Technologies Used: Smart Light Technology, Micro Prism Technology, Temperature Control System

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