Making Music with Artificial Intelligence

It is obvious that artificial intelligence will one day become an important part of our lives. The real question is, what effect will artificial intelligence have on our lives?

Artificial intelligence computer aids, painters (NVIDIA GauGAN) and composers are already getting ahead of mankind. The subject that catches our attention in this article is “artificial intelligence composers”. Listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach thousands of times and analyzing and learning the music of these great artists, these artificial intelligences can compose unprecedented music from scratch within minutes with the press of a single button.


History of Artificial Intelligence and Music

Was a British computer scientist in 1951 Alan TuringUsing a machine that covered almost the entire floor of the laboratory, he was able to record the first music made by a computer. In recent years, this record has been restored 65 years later by New Zealand researchers. We have provided the soundcloud link below for those who want to listen.

Composition of music by artificial intelligence or using artificial intelligence still continues today. Artificial intelligence analyzes data in different compositions while composing compositions. Reinforcement learning Through it, the algorithm learns what features make a music fun or simulate a particular genre.


Today’s technology companies invest in a future where music created or helped by artificial intelligence is made. An example of this is Google’s open source platform Magenta projectProduced songs written and voiced by artificial intelligence and Sony, and released “Daddy’s Car,” a song created by artificial intelligence. Flow Machinesdeveloped.

In the future, musicians and professionals in the music industry will need to acquire technology skills to harness the power of artificial intelligence tools to help them do their jobs even better.


How to Make Music with Artificial Intelligence

There are several applications that allow you to make music with the help of artificial intelligence. We will show only two of these applications.


I thought it would be best to talk about the first AIVA because of the value it gives to its users and the quality of the music that comes out. Aiva TechnologiesIs a leading small enterprise emerging in Luxembourg. Aiva team is a team with a classical music background, which is why they are very successful in artificial intelligence and classical music.

Aiva has been trained with the music of a large number of artists such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, and therefore has made great progress in the field of music theory. Aiva is not an artist, but a complete composer. It produces notes performed by professional orchestras in recording studios. These are in movies, games, commercials etc. It consists of short sections of the records used. Aiva’s technology reinforcement learning using technique deep learning based on algorithm.

Aiva’s use is at a level that users of all ages can do without difficulty. Go to the sitecreate your account and “Create Track” Click the button.

Then choose the genre you want.

Set things like which key note the music will be on, the number of BPM, which instruments will be and the length, or leave it to auto. Next “Create your track(s)” Click the button and let the magic begin!

Also, if you wish, upload your MIDI files to the site and watch the artificial intelligence unleash its creativity.

Before I forget; It is said that when you publish your music with AIVA on platforms such as YouTube, it is imperative that you specify AIVA in the description section. Detailed information here You can learn by clicking.



Although Mubert is not as comprehensive as the AIVA, it does not produce bad results. Moreover, you do not even need to sign up to use Mubert and you can use the music on the platform you want completely free of charge! After DMCA has put pressure on some platforms again recently, Mubert may sound like a guardian angel to content producers.


Mubert is much simpler to use compared to AIVA.

Here Click to go to Mubert. Choose whether to set the type of music or mood, then choose the genre or mood depending on what you choose, after setting the sub-genre and duration of the genre “Create Track” Press the button and your music is ready in 30 seconds!

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