How to Monitor Employees’ Overtime?

In many organizations, employees spend overtime working. For this, they are paid an extra amount every month. This is a great way to improve work performance without hiring any extra staff. The employees also manage to make more money by working a few more hours whenever they need. But there is an issue with the overtime and that is how the employers should monitor what the workers did in the overtime.

This overtime needs to be monitored. The output is to be checked. There seems to be no other way than using an employee tracking tool. There are a number of apps and software available in the market these days which help when it comes to tracking the staff. With the help of such tools, employers can keep eyes on their staff and track their overtime activities. Thus they will also find out who performed better and who needs to work harder.

Monitoring Employees’ Overtime

As we have said, the employers should have their hands on a good Android spying app which provides the essential features. However, it is hard for people to find out the best and reliable software. So in order to solve this issue, we have created this guide. We checked over a dozen different spy and employee tracking apps and found out some amazing results.

The apps we tested offered almost the same features. However, they did not perform like all. Many were so poor in a performance that we could not continue further testing. Others had limited features for tracking employees. But there was just one app that came to our expectations and that is called BlurSPY app.

BlurSPY App- The Best App to Monitor Overtime

As the name implies, this is a spy app which can be used for various purposes. However, it does spy at the best. No app comes close to BlurSPY when it comes to its performance, features, and the lowest price tag. It beats all the spy apps in the market and has become the top choice of users from all background. Parents use this app to monitor their kids and employers have BlurSPY phone spy app to track their staff.

Best Monitoring Features for Overtime

Users need features in order to track the target phones. If you limited features, that means you cannot track a phone to the fullest. However, BlurSPY users should not be worried as they will get all the necessary and advanced features when it comes to tracking any phone. Below are some of the best features that you can use to monitor the overtime of your staff.

Call Monitoring

BlurSPY brings an amazing call management feature that allows the users to track and monitor the call history of the employees. With this feature, users can check call durations and timings. It will help employers find out how much time the staff wasted.

Track Locations

This is another amazing feature to find out if your staff has been working or not during the overtime. Some workers get out of the office, enjoy their lunch and spend time out of the office. But with BlurSPY they cannot do this anymore. Employers will find out if they were in the office or not.

Check Internet History

When the employees are on their phones and computers, they do spend time on other things than work. So it is also important that their internet history should be monitored. BlurSPY brings this feature for the employers to let them find out what kind of stuff the workers have been doing in overtime.

Monitor Social Media Time

Without tracking social media, no employers can fully find out the time spent of the staff. Most of the people use social sites when they are at work. So this is really important that employers should check the social media use with BlurSPY app.

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