Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Movie to watch on Amazon Prime seekers the best Amazon original contentwe brought together.

Users who are members of the Amazon Prime system can view popular movies, award-winning series, Amazon Originals TV seriesni can be viewed at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Video pretty on good movies exists. Amazon Prime Videomany in original TV and movie content. We have the best among them. Amazon Prime Video original movieswe brought together.

Movies to watch on Amazon Prime (Amazon Original Movies)

Stunning with its staff and quality, on Amazon Prime Video best prime video movies!

Chemical Hearts / The Chemistry of Love

Seventeen-year-old Henry Page is a teenager who has never been in love. Although he imagines himself in a romantic relationship, he cannot find the love he is looking for. Things begin to change in Henry’s life when he meets newly enrolled Grace Town in the first days of his senior year of high school. Grace and Henry, who were chosen for the school newspaper, begin to become close, and Henry learns what love means.

Infinite / Sonsuz

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Evan Michaels is a man who suffers from very realistic dreams. Evan, who dreams of memories from his two past lives, one day discovers a secret organization called Cognomina. The Cognomina organization is a top secret organization that has existed for centuries and consists of men and women who have been born reincarnated over the years. Members of this organization work as agents on the changes of time. But a very powerful enemy threatens the delicate balance of time. The name that will change the fate of the world will be a man who has lived too many lives to count but becomes schizophrenic because he thinks they are dreams…

Sound of Metal

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Ruben and his girlfriend Lou are two musicians who travel in their trailers and give concerts in the places they go. Ruben plays the drums while Lou is at the microphone. Ruben’s life is turned upside down one day when he hears only a muffled buzz. The doctor tells Ruben that he has deafness and will soon become deaf. Faced with his quiet future, Ruben must decide how to shape his life.

Greenland / The Last Refuge

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Movie to watch on Amazon PrimeGreenland focuses on the life of a family struggling to survive a major disaster. The world is facing a great danger. A celestial body that may cause the destruction of the world is getting closer and closer to the earth. People have only 48 hours before they can escape. In a race against time to survive, a married couple and their son try to reach an underground bunker in Greenland to survive the disaster.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things / A Map of Small But Perfect Things

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

A smart teenager, Mark is stuck in a time loop. Reliving the same day over and over, Mark meets the mysterious young Margaret, who is trapped in the same time loop as him. Deciding to take action together, Mark and Margaret decide to find out what makes a perfect day. A different bond forms between Mark and Margaret as they try to figure out how to survive their never-ending day.

The Tomorrow War

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

In the occupied world, humans suffer a great defeat in their war against aliens. Now living in a changing order, scientists decide to train soldiers to change the system. The war of soldiers trained by scientists who have discovered a new way to prepare for war will determine the future of humanity.

Cinderella – Cinderella

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Movie to watch on Amazon Prime Kay Cannon sits in the director’s chair of the film, which is a modern musical version of the classic fairy tale Cinderella, which we have included in our list. The tale of Cinderella was about a young girl who had to live with her cruel stepmother and stepsisters as a result of her father’s remarriage after her mother’s death.

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

PARK presents a gripping and sensual tale of two women – a young Japanese Lady living in a secluded estate and a Korean woman hired to serve as her new maid, but secretly conspiring with a con man to deprive her of a large inheritance.

Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Movie to watch on Amazon Prime Our last recommendation for those who are looking.

Nobel laureate Marie Curie met fellow scientist Pierre Curie in 1893 when she was younger. The couple, who got married and raised two daughters, won a Nobel prize together for their discovery of radium in 1903 and changed the course of science forever. Continuing her research after her husband’s death, Marie invites scandals for her affair with another famous scientist, Paul Langevin. But Marie’s dedication to science and the responsibility that comes with world-changing discoveries eclipse all.

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