OPPO A72 5G Features

You can find the new phone OPPO A72 5G Features and Price of OPPO with Mediatek’s ambitious Dimensity 720 processor in the middle segment.

Oppo 5G continues to increase the number of supported models.

The Oppo A72 5G is powered by the newly announced Dimensity 720 SoC, while the 4G model features a Snapdragon 665 chipset under the hood. Both smartphones have “6.5” FullHD Plus LCDs, but the A72 5G comes with a 90Hz panel, unlike the 60Hz display of the non-5G variant.

OPPO A72 5G features

  • Screen: 1080 x 2400 piksek FHD+ LCD
  • RAM: 8 GB LPPDR4
  • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G
  • Your camera: 8 MP
  • Rear camera: 16 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra wide angle camera, 2 MP black & white lens
  • Battery: 4.040 mAh
  • OS: ColorOS 7.2 based on Android 10
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Weight: 175 gr

OPPO A72 5G price

The phone, which has three different color options such as Simple Black, Neon and Oxygen Violet, has an output price of 1,899 yuan. tax free 1.853 TL. The device, which is currently on sale, will be released in China on July 31. It is unclear when the phone will be released worldwide.

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