Price Performance Oriented Gaming Monitors

In the game world, unfortunately, computers with good hardware features and standard equipment are not enough on their own. If you want to be a good player in competitive games, you definitely need good equipment. Continuing our topic today, we will talk about relatively affordable user-friendly monitors.

1-Asus TUF Gaming VG249Q1R 23.8

b3619611-c41e-4e08-a69e-01c1ec9637dc.jpg (621×546)

As you know, Asus is one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to player equipment, the brand has become a school for gamers. Undoubtedly, the underlying reason for this is that they set net prices according to the technologies they produce. 1900 TL This price-performance monster with a price 1080P resolution and 165 Hz With a screen refresh rate, we can easily say that it is a really good choice considering the price range.

2-LG 24GN650-B 23.8

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LG monitor and TV It is one of the brands that fascinates me with its production technologies. The brand, which has a lot of options in its product range, offers this stylish product. f/p It shows that it is user-friendly by creating a supported perception. 144 Hz 1080P This monster, which has a panel, can also be used as a pivot, which is also an ideal choice for users who want to write code. 1700-2000 TL have range.

3-AOC C24G2AE 23.6
11296038813746.jpg (500×500)
format:webp (550×550)
I hear you say why there is no curved product in the list, but although f/p Although it is a focused list, it is not possible not to include curved products. AOC It is a brand that has been working on display technologies for a long time and its products are also very popular. Considering the price, this model, which has an ideal figure, 1080p 165 Hz Having a panel and also being curved makes it among the products to be considered as an option. 1600-2000 TL It is possible to find the product in a price range between.

4-ViewSonic VX2458-MHD 23.6

a219affd2b69e7944568ccde1911d8a8.jpeg (900×900)

viewsonic-vx2458-mhd-236-inc-full-hd-1-ms-144-hz-gaming-monitor_167040520.jpg (1000×1000)

If you say that you are used to classic details and you are looking for a product for this, this model is exactly the product you are looking for. Like the equivalent brands in ViewSonic, it is a brand that includes f/p model products for gamers. Although it contains classical lines, the 144 Hz panel 1080p It takes its place with a technology that is not inferior to its competitors with its resolution, 1300-1500 TL With its price tag, it’s possible to own this classic beast.

generally 2000 TL six lines 1500 TL It is possible to reach player monitors under , manufacturers offer many f/p focused products to the market. The features of the products we share are generally equivalent and there are many equivalents close to these features in the market.

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