25 Tips To Shoot Perfect Videos From Your Smartphone

Smartphone is a compact device that comes with amazing features like mobile calls, the most basic function, digital camera, MP3 player, video player, game platform and applications for any kind of service you can think of.

Thank you to the smartphone which was the video recording so easy and effortless as now everyone has a powerful camera in his / her pocket that comes integrated smartphone itself. Thus, its multi-purpose device. modern smartphone comes with over 5MP camera that makes it capable of shooting ridiculously high-quality photos and videos.

Do you know that you can record a documentary film or rectus videos from your smartphone? But as everyone knows no one is professional but with little practice and access to some tips that you can learn the art of shooting amazing and perfect videos.

25 tips to shoot perfect videos from your smartphone


1. Know your camera

One of the first and obvious steps before starting anything is to know everything about your device. You must be familiar with all the parameters and functions so that you can make quick changes while shooting a video. There are many features already included in your smartphone camera you can enjoy while trying to take better pictures.

2. Prepare for shooting

Before you start shooting the perfect video, make sure you have you have a good script, location, gear and accessories ready to go. Make sure that your device has enough storage space to store HD video and it is fully charged so that the storage memory or battery discharge does not distract the act of taking videos.
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3. Take Backup

Even if your smartphone is fully charged there is nothing bad to have the backup option. If in case you lack space or battery then it would be of no use. Once you ride on your camera to make sure you have extra batteries, food bank and additional memory card.

4. Good lightning

Since the smartphone camera comes with a smaller sensor and image lens and lightning and appropriately makes a huge impact on smartphone. This will remove all the unnecessary shadows and grainy areas that cause overexposed images and lens flare. Do not point the camera directly to strong light sources as this will cause overexposed images unusable and lens flare.

lighy - shoot perfect video recording tips


5. Audio matters

In shooting superior video, audio quality is as important as the video quality. It is always advisable to shoot videos in a quiet place so that there will be no risk of unnecessary noise and wind. professional videos are always captured with a separate recording device. The smartphone in microphone is not properly placed in poor quality.

6. Avoid vertical video syndrome

Hold your phone horizontally and this will make appropriate report in videos you could play back later on the screens. Stop shooting video vertical and sometimes most people make this mistake to hold Smartphone vertically during the shooting, this will only move up and down rather than the sides.

shoot perfect video recording tips

7. Stay Steady

To keep your video away from fuzzy, distorted or affected the shutter, the best way is to keep stable smartphone to the entire registration procedure videos. Use both hands to hold the smartphone you are recording video. You can even rest your smartphone on physical media such as shelves, tables, etc.shoot perfect video recording tips

8. Use a tripod

Sometimes videos made from the smartphone look fragile and end up doing so ordinary that is not even fun loving fun or to watch. Unfortunately, smartphone cameras are not as good as professional video cameras from companies such as Nikon, Canon or Sony but you can always take the video recording skills to the next level by buying accessories that reveal the true potential of the camera. Monitor tripod to the lens, and this will provide you a smoother recording and keep all your stable and clean shots.tripod - shoot perfect video recording tips

9. Wide Shot

Choose used to shoot from mid to close range shots. in shooting near the face or hands with the addition of dramatic effect.

10. Framing

Make sure your video is completely filled the frame with your subject. You save the video in the right direction. Try to find the perfect angle to shoot the video and play and see what fits best.

11. Change the angle and positions

Make a habit of drawing views from different angles and positions, take videos of the same angle all the time will make your viewing hole. Make sure you also get stuck in the same place on all of the shooting.

12. Pull sectional shots

Cutaway shot is shot linked to the main action. While shooting that you have included all actions as blow the birthday girl blow out the candle, cut the cake and also the guests singing the birthday song and applause after the candles blown out by the girl.

13. flash

Sometimes shooting with LED lights on makes the images too bright and distorts the color temperature pictures easily. He is also the flash acts as the culprit and makes them ultra dark circles with yellow skin and red evil eyes.

14. No digital zoom

Nothing is more surprising that the digital zoom in case if the photograph. But if digital zoom function smartphone not subject seems to be closer, but it does not include large amounts of pixilation. If smartphone to obtain registration without losing crisp, means you need to get closer to your subject.

15. Time lapse

Time lapse is a cinematic technique that makes the frame rate of the movie captured less than the frame rate to display the sequence. Repeating the sequence takes time seems to be moving fast, even normal.

16. GIF

You must have seen GIF on social media or advertisements. GIF includes short video clips of stop motion not watching brief. These are simple, easy to make and fun clips you can even create your smartphone. For this, you simply smart phone equipped with a camera with an application that provides the GIF option. You can view Boomerang app Instagram.

17. Use editing tools right

You can download video editing applications in your handset. There is a nice range of video editing applications for all popular platforms. But editing the video from smartphones will not be the right platform, try to edit the video from your laptop or PC, as this provides full-sized screen, faster processor and a larger hard drive.sf - shoot perfect video recording tips

18. Check the sound & recording.

Learn to recognize when your camera is actually recording and when not. Although it is always advisable to shoot while keeping your smartphone in a stable position but also make sure to manually monitor the exact position and also check the audio level. Make sure that the audio level is too high or too low.

19. Take multiple shots.

Even photographers and experienced presenters make mistakes and to overcome take multiple shots so they can choose the best of them. Make sure to run across multiple takes. It will always put you off safely if in case something goes wrong with one of the outlets. And you can even change all together to make the final sequence of multiple clips.

20. Do not exaggerate with transitions and effects.

The more attention you try to get your editing and transitions, more amateur and less your video will look. So do not exaggerate, use simple fades to transitions from one plane to another shot.

21. Avoid highlighting your topic.

Always try to avoid placing your subject in bright or direct light. It lightning come from different techniques through which you can get a certain effect. intense primary colors can blow down the brightness and contrast and can cause unflattering thoughts on your topic.

22. Use the rule of thirds.

Most smartphone includes the gate of the camera feature that divided into display screen vertical and horizontal frames which intersect at equal distances, where the square boxes meet setting. Then, try placing your subject through the gates.

23. White Balance manually Set the camera.

Manually set camera’s white balance - shoot perfect video recording tips
shoot perfect video recording tips

manually adjust the white balance of the camera, indicating the true white look to avoid cashing color.

24. Avoid conflicts between natural and artificial light.

When it comes to shooting for video, lightning is very important, but it is more important to understand and avoid the conflict between the natural and artificial light. Your main source of light is even and consistent, and during filming prevents the rooms with windows.

25. Take care of your device.

Always keep in mind to take care of your smartphone camera lens and keep it clean. It should not be ruined by dirt or fingerprints, even when it is not used.

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