Oh Really? Shorte.st is Best Adsense Alternative!

Shorte.st is Best Adsense Alternative!

Are you planning to monetize your blog with Adsense? or .. Do you have monetized your website with Adsense? and you know shorte.st is best adsense alternative!

If so, prepare yourself as Adsense these days is running account prohibiting mass campaigns and became very strict with his approval policies. I receive daily 2-3 messages My network regarding the Adsense ban and continue the search for solutions to its alternatives.

Undoubtedly Adsense is the best advertising placement service for webmasters and bloggers and continues to dominate the other ad networks. But we really need to think of another source of income too as Adsense becomes strict with its policies every day.

Here I am personally going to recommend Shorte.st. Although payments are not high like Google Adsense, but still considered a good alternative to Adsense.

Shorte.st allows publishers to place ads on their blogs pop that grow good and finally clicks ultimate earnings.When a user clicks a link to your website, a new window opens in the current browser visitors and you get paid for it . Simple, right?

Another advantage of using Shorte.st is that it has no such strict approval policy that Adsense. You simply need to fill up the basic sign the form and begin to shorten links. If you get a request, Shorte.st chaps are always ready to help. It’s not like Adsense you have to wait weeks to get the support of Adsense.

If you consider Google adsnese as the only method of monetization for your website, you need to think again.

Shorte.st ads really work very well. Now let’s learn about some Shorte.st ads and how you can earn a lot of money using Shorte.st Ad Placement Service.

Why Shorte.st use as Adsense Alternative??

There are many reasons why shorte.st is a better AdSense alternative, but before going into the details of that, let me talk a little about Shorte.st.

Shorte.st is an Ad network located in the heart of Europe with young Internet enthusiasts working in the niche market for years. Their consistent work, support and high quality payment is a number one brand in the world monetization link.

1. No Site Approval process

Unlike AdSense Shorte.st you have an array of pre-approved board. The only thing you have to do is “Just Click on link registration and provide some necessary details after what you did.” After entering in your dashboard, you can either begin to shorten your links or ads generate tool Shorte.st Website Script. Once you have copied the generated script then you need to place on your website / blogs and ads will start appearing in the second. Is not it very easy and fast?

2. Good Payment Rates

Yes, that’s right. When you will struggle to USD 0.01-0.05 CPC AdSense, Shorte.st give you about $ 0.1-1 or even more depending on the source and quality traffic. I’ve seen people get about $ 1- $ 2 of the CPC traffic from search engines for Tier I countries like US and UK. Although the level 2 and 3 countries like Bangladesh, Pakisatan, India. You can earn decent money easily. Shorte.st generally higher pay and better when you have the English speaking countries of downhill traffic as the US, UK, Canada, etc. You’ll find that they pay $ 15.20 for every 1,000 views if traffic from the United States. This is one of the highest rate and the guarantee that they provide to their publishers.

highest earning countries - Shorte.st is Best Adsense Alternative!

3. No nonsense ads

Yesterday section Make money online from my website was showing a sex chat AdSense advertisements … really they call themselves as content driven network?
Really… I wrote something like that..? Of course not, but they do. So if you’re as sick of this announcement, it is time for Shortest.st. You will never find these annoying ads from them.

4. Different Options of Ads


Unlike AdSense, where you kind of banner advertising and small ads as text ads , Shorte.st offers many types of ads such as overlay ads, pop up ads, and so on.

So you have wider options for your site to follow.

5. No Chance of getting Banned

Yes, AdSense users are still in dilemma as what would happen if Google will ban their account? All their hard earned money goes to waste in a few hours.

This is not the case with Shorte.st. You will not be banned unless and until you do not do something extremely unethical. After all, they must also meet the advertisers.

Now let me tell you how you can register for Shorte.st as Google AdSense Alternative.

How to Sign up for Shorte.st ?

Registration for the Shorte.st as a publisher is a damn easy and will not take more than a few minutes.

All you have to do is follow the steps below to start earning the Shorte.st without any problems in 10 minutes maximum … .excited?


  1. Sign up for the Shorte.st, if you have not done yet. Besides registration normal procedure, one can also use Facebook Connect to create their account.

registration with shorte - Shorte.st is Best Adsense Alternative!

  1. Now, login to your account and click the Script Web Site option at the top of the page, as shown below.
  2. It will give you a form like below and here you have to enter the details of your website. Fill in the details and click Generate script and in the section of the right hand, you will find the code generator.
  3. Add the generated code on your site where you want to show the ads and done. Ads begin appearing on your site. Now just send traffic and start collecting dollars in your account.


Once you reach the $ 5 of threshold, you can get the payment by PayPal but to Payoneer you must have an amount of $ 20 threshold. Below, I mentioned the different payment methods from which you can withdraw money you earn from shorte.st:

See also:

Shorte.st is really a greatad network for bloggers. If you do not want AdSense or prohibits him or do not earn much, you should try Shorte.st once and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

One thought on “Oh Really? Shorte.st is Best Adsense Alternative!

  1. Thanks to Admin for sharing the above Google Adsense Alternatives. I am a blogger. I have a site like Pinterest. Due to non-content based portal here I am not getting Google Adsense Account. Refer to you I tried with Bidvertiser and thanks god I got an active account. Now a day I am using that account to earn online. Keep sharing such articles. It will help many blogger to fullfil their dream. Good Job!

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