How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Bangladesh & Pakistan 2022

Create Verified Paypal Account – As we all know PayPal is not officially available in Bangladesh & Pakistan. It is most commonly used to send and receive payments around the world for bloggers and freelancers. So I’m here with a round of work to create a verified PayPal account in Bangladesh & Pakistan. And something you know what is great about this method. You can create a PayPal account instantly, it will not cost you a penny for registration, and you do not have to wait.

Free Method for creating Verified PayPal Account in Bangladesh & Pakistan…

Let’s start then! Be sure to carefully follow each step…

Step #1: First of all generate US resident details from here.

Step #2: After that generate US resident Address details from here.

Step #3: Now you need a US IP address. I suggest you Hotspot Shield VPN or any other VPN for your virtual USA location. Because they are more reliable, any how to keep it simple, you can use zenmate Chrome Extension. Now Install Zen Mate Chrome Extension and open it then select United States as your virtual location. ????

Step #4: Now open USA Official Paypal home page by clicking this link.

Step #5 : Click Signup “button”> Select “personal account” Use your own e-mail address to details previously generated in the empty fields (for removing any item contrary PayPal will not accept the name). US phone follow step #8.

Step #6: After Paypal ask for credit card details or credit> jump by clicking (I’ll do it later “button”). If any popups to the screen, skip all the other steps.

Step #7: Now open your PayPal account dashboard and confirm the email address. By simply clicking on the button. Paypal will send a confirmation email with a confirmation link just click the link and enter your PayPal password.

Step #8: After confirming your mobile phone number, Use TextNow for the USA virtual mobile number (do not worry, there is a free package also) to do so. Create and confirm textnow account by email or login with Facebook id. (Choice is yours) ???? textnow ask for the area code used this or google for 😉How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Bangladesh & Pakistan 2021add your mobile phone number without – or spaces in Paypal> select the number as “mobile”> click “button” code send verification> open your textnow account, and you will have your Paypal confirmation code and your verification code back to Paypal to confirm your mobile number.How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Bangladesh & Pakistan 2021

For the next step, you will need your account Payoneer and MasterCard. If you did not use this link to register (because he is my referral link so I’m a premium member, there is a 99% chance that your application will get approved.

Read this: How to Get a Free Payoneer MasterCard with Plus $25 Bonus

Step #9:

The next step click bank confirmation “button available on the main dashboard PayPal”> select “Bank of America” as your bank> log into your account and use the Payoneer Bank of America account details. Which are given in (US menu payment services), or in some Payoneer accounts option will be available as [the global payment services] to anyway your details as provided in this screenshot.How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Bangladesh & Pakistan 2021Yes, I know method Payoneer for PayPal is prohibited, but it is different, and it’ll work, trust me because we are creating a USA PayPal account). Paypal deposit a small amount of $ 1-2 Payoneer in your virtual bank of America bank account, see table Payoneer recent activity menu board for more transaction details and use the code and verify…
How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Bangladesh & Pakistan 2021

Step #10: After linking of the bank, you can also link Payoneer trump card with the same method you linked bank account, or you can use a virtual credit card, master card Payoneer but is recommended. ????

Completed! Enjoy free verified Paypal account in Bangladesh & Pakistan, please share this article so that you can help other bloggers and freelancers to get free verified Paypal  account. Because there are many people doing scams by selling non-Paypal accounts checked for beginners. And leave your comments below to let others know that it really works!

I will soon make a tutorial on how to keep safe PayPal account, and some troubleshooting tips are included.

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