3 Secret Tips to Get Approved on BuySellAds

BuySellAds is so difficult for approving the site, but today we will share some tips and tricks to get approved in BuySellAds.

So you’ve finally created a blog and you want to win the heck out of it, but you do not know how. You tried Adsense but its CPC kill you and eventually you come to know BuySellAds you can make decent money through it. You heard right.

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Tips to Get Approved on BuySellAds

You googled loads of time get advice about to enter BuySellAds as an editor. But every site you visit, you’ll find just that everyone has copied and pasted the “advice” that are the conditions for approval referred to BuySellAds editor page.

If your problem is exactly as described above (assuming you already have established site with little traffic), you may want to learn the secrets described below.

The first thing that BuySellAds approved service site look is the design of your site. Yes, it really matters. They quickly “scan” your site and scroll to the bottom.

If they find your site attractive in design they certainly want to know more about your site. Do not make your site look crap. I mean, yeah nobody wants to make their website look like a shit, but you try to make it look professional.

Believe me, I applied several of my sites BuySellAds. I think they see the site design in the approval checklist. You can always find the model that suits your free blog. Just Google.
Write About professional and contact Page

After scrolls BSA approval of personnel by your site, they want preference of who you are, what your site is about and what you offer to your audience.

But how did you tell them?

Simple. Put the ‘About Us “page link at the top of the navigation – like the one we have in our main navigation menu.

It is important to mention some points in the About page. What are the points?

  • What type of product or service that your site offers?
  • About you and writers with photos
  • History of your site – how you started your site
  • Answer these questions briefly and you are ready to go!
  • For example, look at our contact us.
  • Why should your audience believe your site

And for the Contact page mention your social profile links, your personal email and even your work address if possible. This makes them believe that you are serious about what you do with your site.

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Updated daily

BSA approval team also affect your display frequency.

Preferably, they want your website to be updated daily with quality content. So try to update daily before asking BSA editor and see how it helps your website get approved the BSA.

What are you planning?

Try implementing these 3 tips and reapply your site in BSA. Although they did not mention these things on their site, these are the major element when they decide to approve or reject your site. That’s why I called “secret.”

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Frequently Asked Questions BuySellAds:


Question. What are the requirements BuySellAds publishers?

Answer: In addition to the tips above, your website must have good Alexa ranking with a decent amount of quality traffic.

Question. Is there something called minimum pageviews certified?

Answer: BSA generally approve your site, if you have more than about 10K unique visitors per month.

Question. What is the average approval time for BuySellAds?

Answer: They typically review and respond to your request within 1-3 working days.

Question. What if BuySellAds rejected your site?

Answer: The BuySellAds team generally suggests why your site is not approved with reasons. You can try to improve things such as changes in design and Alexa ranking. After attachment, you can apply again and see what they have to say.

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