We have researched the importance and place of social media, which has become very important in the lives of everyone, young and old, for you. Unfortunately, we live in an age where there are people who would get depressed if their internet was cut off, their phones and computers were broken. So, what is this social media that separates us all from each other physically?


Social media is a kind of distant kinship and neighborliness. Social media is the way people communicate, chat and advertise with each other through platforms on the internet.

While some of us use social media to communicate with our loved ones, some of us use it to share our lives or to sell our products.


On average, 7 hours and 29 minutes is the time spent on the Internet in a day in Turkey. Again, YOUTUBE, which is one of the most visited sites in Turkey, is in the second place, FACEBOOK is in the third, while TWITTER and INSTAGRAM are in the fifth and sixth places.


If we look at its beautiful and beneficial aspects, it is one of the most important advantages that we can receive news from anywhere at any time, as the whole world is in front of us. It is one of the positive aspects for young people to provide extra relaxation and self-confidence even in places where people cannot express themselves face to face. There are many benefits such as being able to stay at home and make friends with whomever they want, to communicate with their loved ones whenever they want, to find customers for those who trade as a financial need or hobby, to be able to make themselves heard by those who need help, to easily access homework and research subjects, and many more.


The Turkish people, which is a unique nation with its moral structure and culture, has recently experienced more deformation than it has ever experienced. Although this is caused by freedoms and idleness in the new world, it has suffered the most from the internet and social media.

Things that they could not even think of in their circle of friends, spouses and friends under normal conditions are laid out in front of them with a click. They have harmed the psychology of society by pretending that everything is permissible by pretending to be whatever they want with false names and pseudonyms. While social networking sites gave such people more encouragement and exposed their immoral acts, they did not feel any shame, moreover, many families became insensitive enough to applaud without even being disturbed by this situation.

Even mothers, whose main task is to raise successful people with good morals and to provide an atmosphere of peace at home, have been caught by the magic of social media and worry about getting appreciation from their followers by using their children.

Now, even in the family institution, which is our only surviving pen in our society, no one needs to empathize anymore. The parents, on the other hand, cannot find the strength and morale to take care of their children after they come home without energy and tired, so they take their smart technological device in their hands and try to relieve stress by sitting in their armchair and watching funny children’s videos.


I wish we could get away from this internet scourge that keeps everyone’s hands on this addiction and keeps their children away from their mothers and their husbands as easily as we started, with one click. Since it has become a necessity in all areas of our lives, it will not be a logical thing to quit completely, as it can only happen with a global power and internet outage. But reducing the times, not checking social media as soon as you wake up in the morning, at least avoiding spending our hours outside of our compulsory works, trying to hold ourselves back, having hobbies that will make ourselves happy, most importantly, thinking that other people are not very curious about everything you do in your life, and that you don’t care about their lives. Thinking that your curiosity encourages you to envy rather than make you happy will turn you a little against social media.

Most importantly, try to make peace with yourself and love yourself first, instead of trying to make people like you and make them like you. Do not forget that time passes through our lives like an unstoppable roller coaster, it will be too late when we open our eyes and suddenly we realize that our children have grown up, our best years have passed in vain, we could not establish a conversation with our family, we could not laugh and have fun while sipping our tea. Internet in a dose with the hope that we will all return to our essence before the time comes when we can never get it back…

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