Top 10 Science Fiction TV Shows

In this article, for those who are looking for a science-fiction series, Top 10 science fiction TV series We’ll suggest.

Rick and Morty

Top 10 Science Fiction TV Shows With Space Theme

IMDB : 9.3

Rick and Morty started broadcasting in the Adult Network (21: 00-06: 00) generation of Cartoon Network with his first episode on December 2, 2013.


Crazy scientist Rick Sanchez, who left his family at an unknown time for unknown reasons, returns many years later. Her daughter Beth begins to live with her husband Jerry and their children Summer and Morty.

Rick is a genius, many years ago he invented a portal pistol where he could go to alternative universes and different realities. With this, he can travel to an infinite number of different realities. Morty, who is almost always slow on his journey, accompanies him on his journey..


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