Top 5 Apps to Share Large Files on Phone!

Top 5 apps to share large files on phone!

Hem Android hemde iPhone share large files on phoneThere are many applications for k.

We offer apps aimed at helping you share large documents on both Android and iOS.

Top 5 Apps to Share Large Files on Phone!


Android hemde iPhone share large files on phoneSHAREit is a Wi-Fi file transfer application that you can use for k. As long as two people on the same network have the app installed, you can transfer files at up to 200 times the speed allowed by Bluetooth (the highest transfer rate is 42MB/s) without loss of quality. This means you can share a 1GB file in less than 30 seconds.

The app supports many file formats, allowing you to send long videos, share large files, and send music files to your friends’ devices.

Download: Android | : iOS

Send Anywhere

Top 5 Apps to Share Large Files on Phone!

Send Anywhere is a long-distance file transfer app that also supports Wi-Fi sharing.

The app supports file sharing with multiple people at the same time. It also allows you to transfer files to a specific device in cases where you have many Send Anywhere-enabled devices on your network. All files are sent using 256-bit encryption.

Download: Send Anywhere for Android | iOS


Top 5 Apps to Share Large Files on Phone!

One of the best apps for sharing large files is Xender. Xender supports sending many types of files and folders such as application, music file, PDF, ZIP files. Like the SHAREit app, this app offers much faster transfer speeds than Bluetooth.

Download : Android | iOS


Top 5 Apps to Share Large Files on Phone!

Filemail is a file sharing application.

When you hit the send button, the recipient will receive a simple email link in their inbox. Click on the link and the file will start downloading; You do not need to download from a standalone site. If the recipient has the Filemail app installed, they can also download directly through the app’s interface.

The sender receives a warning when the file is successfully received. You can use the interface Open Together To share any file through the application . There is no limit to the number of files or file sizes you can send. All you need to send the file is the recipient’s email address.

Download : Android | iOS


Top 5 Apps to Share Large Files on Phone!

Sharing large files on the phoneEasyShare, the ultimate app for k, is the best way to transfer files without internet. Despite using Bluetooth to transfer files, EasyShare makes the process much faster. So, if you want to transfer large files without using mobile data, you can use this app.

Download : Android | iOS

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