Turn on iPhone 11 battery percentage

If you are using iPhone 11 for iPhone X stove devices and the battery status is not displayed on the screen, Turn on iPhone 11 battery percentage and you can easily show it. Besides How to learn iPhone battery health and iPhone battery health You can find the answers in such questions.

iPhone X and later models such as iPhone 11 turn on battery percentage You can do this from the Control Center.

See iPhone 11 battery percentage Just swipe down from the top right corner of your screen.


You can view your battery status from the toolkit section by throwing the home screen to the right. If you do not have a battery percentage on the toolkit page,EditYou can view your battery percentage as shown in the screenshot above on this page by adding the battery toolkit from ‘.


By entering the menu, swiping to the right,Battery UsageUnder ” Battery Percentage You can turn on the option.

On iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 8 or earlier, iPad and iPod touch (7th generation), you can see the battery percentage in the status bar. Settings > Pil section and Battery PercentageOpen.

On your iPhone SE (2nd generation) or iPhone 8 or earlier Low Power ModeWhen you use, the battery percentage is always shown in the status bar.

How to learn iPhone Battery health?

View iPhone battery health status for;

How should iPhone Battery health be?

Various slowdowns occur in charge and telephone usage in battery health, which goes below 80 percent. While using the phone, the charge will end faster and even the phone may turn off. In addition, opening of applications and screen scrolling also shows a slowdown.

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