Twitter Spaces Now Plays Recordings on the Web.

Twitter spaces now plays recordings on the web.
The promise of the technology giant that “everyone can open a Spaces room” in April has finally come true. Accordingly, all Twitter users will now be able to open a Spaces to chat.

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces seem to be trying to catch up when it comes to functionality, while Facebook and others are trying to catch up. The latest is that Twitter Spaces now allows users to listen to recordings of voice-only chat rooms already finished, both on the web and in their respective apps. Some Android servers can now save Spaces after this feature is only available on iOS. This came after Clubhouse released the recordings a few months ago.

Clubhouse previously had a monopoly on social sound, but once the “giants” started paying attention, they had to up their game once again. Twitter Spaces seems to be their closest competitor, and Twitter has given all users the ability to create these live voice chats. Now the latest update is that anyone can listen to the recordings of these Domains.

While the original idea of ​​these live voice chats was to let people listen in real time, there are those who want to listen on demand. This is where Recordings can come in handy, as people can keep up with conversations or “programmes” they missed. Recorded sessions will be available when the Recording enabled Domain expires.

To record your live audio chat hosts, simply tap on Recording Area. A red button will appear to let everyone know that the session has been saved. Hosts can then tweet the link to the recording so people can listen to it on their own. Hosts can choose when the Space starts playing.

Clubhouse has a lot more features for their record, but expect Twitter to eventually catch up, too. For now, Android users can enjoy the new power of recording their Space and listening to others.

Earlier this year, an application entered our lives; clubhouse The popularity of Clubhouse, which became popular all of a sudden and was on everyone’s lips, prompted many technology giants to create similar applications. From Discord to Facebook, from LinkedIn to Twitter, many technology giants have designed their own voice chat platforms, and we have already shared these news with you regularly.

With the decrease in the effect of the pandemic recently, that is, the decrease in staying at home compared to the past, the need to socialize online has decreased. As a result, the Clubhouse frenzy came to an abrupt end. While some platforms do not even broadcast these applications, Twitter has recently launched its Clubhouse-like feature called Spaces. He even started to develop this feature. It was shared in April that Spaces, which Twitter first made available only on mobile, will also be activated for web users. Even that wasn’t enough, and the “Ticketed Spaces” feature was announced for Spaces. Ticketed Spaces was opened to iOS users in August.

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