Unbreakable glass or broken screen? How do we know if the inner screen is broken?

Screen damage Since the phone is not covered by the warranty, I wonder if the phone screen is damaged due to a blow Unbreakable glass or broken screen causes worries. Well How do we know if the inner screen is broken?

To protect the screen on phones a protective glass There. This glass, which can be broken as a result of an impact, is generally internal screen breaks mixed with.

The protective glass used in the phones is made of a special material, it has more flexibility than normal glasses and it is very resistant to scratches.

How do we know if the inner screen is broken?

We mentioned at the entrance of our article that there is a glass on the phones to protect the screen. When this protective glass gets damaged, the screen looks like a spider web and you continue to get images from the device, touch screen sometimes it continues to work. Because only the top glass is broken and the device continues to work.

But internal display damageThe situation is much different. Sometimes on the screen pink, green colored lines are formed and the touch does not work.

Exchange fees of the broken screen sometimes it can be as high as the price of a second-hand phone. Therefore, when using a smart phone, unbreakable glass It is useful to wear it.

Is gelatin attached to the broken screen?

Until you bring a broken screen phone to service, gelatin can be attached to the broken screen so that the broken screen does not grow any further.

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