What Does a Brick on the Phone Mean?

Last updated: December 2, 2020

Stating that a device has become unusable What does brick mean, How to tell if the phone is brick, What is a soft brick, What is a hard brick, How to recover a bricked phone like About brick Answers to many questions are in our article.

What does Brick mean?

BrickThe system becomes unrecoverable and crashes after critical changes, updates or modifications made by users on the operating system in smart devices.

Brick means Brick in English.

Brick types

There are three types of bricks available for Android.

Permanent Brick

Permanent Brick is permanent damage to the Phone. Permanent Brick has no solution.

Semi Brick

Semi Brick is non-permanent damage to the phone. They are permanent damages on the phone. The phone, which is Semi Brick, can be reverted.

Unnoticeable Brick

Unnoticeable Brick is minor damage to the Phone. The phone, which is an Unnoticeable Brick, can be restored quite easily.

Why would the phone become Brick?

Brick is an issue that often occurs during software downloads. For example, if the software installation of the device you are using is interrupted and the hardware is not supported by the appropriate software, your device may not turn on at all or may not operate normally.

In fact, this is the main reason why you see ‘do not turn off your device’ messages during software updates. Let us emphasize that the aforementioned risk applies to all types of electronic devices. That’s why you need to approach software updates carefully.

What if the phone becomes Brick?

Phone with brick it does not open and work normally. Brick phones devices cannot be recovered and restored in normal ways.

What is a Soft Brick? What is a Hard Brick?

What is a Soft Brick?

Soft Brickis that your device becomes half dead due to a software error and the operating system cannot fully start itself.

If your phone is stuck on the Android splash screen or comes directly to the recovery screen, it can be said that your device is a “soft brick”.

In order to recover a device with a Soft Brick, the only thing that needs to be done is to eliminate the problem, so install the new and original ROM (operating system) on your device.

What is a Hard Brick?

Hard Brickis the case where the device loses its functionality by being insensitive to all reactions as a result of changes in the software of smart devices.

If nothing happens when you press the power button, it will usually not be possible to repair your phone with software solutions.

How to recover phone with brick?

As we mentioned in our article, brick represents devices that cannot be corrected even with software operations. These devices do not turn on normally and do not operate normally.

If the device you are using is really bricked, the only thing you need to do is to contact the authorized technical service.

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