What is a 3D Pen? What Can I Do?

With the developing technology worldwide, 3D technology continues to develop without slowing down.

Along with 3D printers, 3D pen technology has also appeared in the past. The 3D pen attracted a lot of attention and appreciation in the public.

Now let’s get to know the 3D pen and examine what we can do with the 3D pen.

What is 3D Pen (3D Printer Pen)?

For 3D Pen, we can actually call it a 3D printer. The difference from 3D printers is that we can control and manage the 3D pen with our hands without a drawing designed on a computer.

In 3D printers, we can make the movements of the motors in the X, Y, Z axis by ourselves and we can obtain a model from the layers formed.

How to use 3D Pen (3D pen)?

The 3D pen is connected to a power source and its temperature starts to increase thanks to this connection. Like 3D printers, the filament placed inside is melted in the heated extruder area. Of course, this process is controlled by a button on the pen.

Since the filaments in the pen are thermoplastic raw materials, they begin to become fluid after a certain temperature.

Temperature values ​​of 3D pens can vary. As an example, a 3D pen we have taken can work at 80-160 degrees while another 3D pen can work at 80-130 degrees.

We should add that 3D Pens also include speed options as well as this feature. In some 3D Pens used, we can adjust the printing speed and increase the speed above normal values. For this process, it will be sufficient to switch our pen to fast mode. Of course, this speed feature is not available in every 3D pen.

Let’s examine what we can do with 3D Pens;

With the 3D Pen, we can decorate our home decorations, projects and items we use daily. We can create a handmade 3D structure with fine and detailed craftsmanship.

With the 3D Pen, we can repair and modify the printing sample we get from 3D Printers.

It looks very good in terms of providing a very effective and easy solution in negative situations such as error and deformation in the prints we receive from 3D printers. With the 3D Pen, we can create our 3D designs with the help of a pen instead of drawing on a paper.


I have a 3D Pen but how can I use it Let’s get to know the pattern feature, which is a very nice feature among users who are anxious.

There are some ready-made stencils to make using the 3D Pen easier. With these ready-made molds, we can create hand habits and produce our own ornaments. Let’s give a few examples of these Patterns.

1) Mold angel

2) Mold bike

3) Mold Eiffel tower

3D Pens continue to be the center of attention of users as they are very fun and useful.

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