What is Google Trends, How to use it?

Free and publicly provided by Google What is Google Trends, what does it do How Google Trends uses it You can learn in detail in our article.

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Google Trends (Google Trends) is a service that provides users with statistical information in which geography, in which languages ​​and how often word or phrase queries are searched in Google searches. Google Trends, a search discovery tool developed by Google, provides its users with important statistics about the searches made by other users.

As you can see popular searches during the day, you can also statistically see in which periods they are searched more according to the date range by searching the keywords you want.

By setting a specific date range with Google Trends, you can follow the searches made within this range, so you can follow popular news and agenda. Thanks to this feature, it is a highly functional Google service for content producers such as bloggers. When you create your content for searches by following popular searches, you can increase the number of visitors and your website traffic.

Google Trends is a completely free tool. In a way, we can call it Google’s complete service. It shares at least some of the anonymous data it obtains from its users with other users. These statistics are a blessing for online content creators.

From here Open the Google Trends website. First, choose the country because it belongs to all countries with access to the internet via Google Trends. You can discover Google search data. After making selection of countries say Turkey, Turkey, users can find out a general picture of their search pages through Google hosts.

Google Trends only provides data for research from Google. You can use punctuation marks to filter the search results in your Trends.

You can see the trends by years and the latest trends of that day on the home page. Click on the titles you can access statistics details. Of course, you get non-detailed information about the most recent trends from the home page. The most important data is obtained through the search bar.

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