What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware? What are the Hardware Parts?

What is internal hardware and external hardware? what are the

In this article What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware, interior and exterior What are the hardware parts? we will examine in detail.

computer components It generally consists of 2 parts. These SOFTWARE and DONANIM (Hardware)‘to you.

  • Software well Software It is the general name of the programs that enable us to use the hardware.
  • Equipment well Hardware All kinds of mechanical and electronic devices within the computer constitute the hardware. In other words, the physical parts of computers that can be seen and touched. equipment is called.

Hardware is usually driven by software to run any command or instruction.

among themselves in equipment interior equipment and external hardware are divided into 2.

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?

hardware parts interior equipment and external hardware is divided into 2.

  • Interior Hardware, All of the system hardware located in the case of a computer,
  • Exterior Hardware On the other hand, it is all the hardware visible outside of a computer.

In other words, if a computer hardware is used to transfer data from the external environment to the computer, input unit/input hardware, if used to transfer data from computer to external media output unit/output hardware is called.

Let’s get to the hardware parts…

What are Internal Hardware units?

All of the system hardware in a computer case interior equipment we said. The average personal computer internal equipment consists of the following important parts;

  • motherboard
  • Power source
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Harddisk
  • Fan
  • Sound card

Now all this interior hardware unitsLet’s examine in detail.

Anakart (MainBoard)

interior fittings Perhaps the most important is the Motherboard. The motherboard is the primary circuit board that contains all the parts of the computer and is the most important link between these parts. As you cannot run any system without a motherboard, performance motherboards that provide the best integration are integrated with Chipsets.

interior fittingsThe motherboard is the most basic part of the computer, on which all the internal and external hardware units of the computer are connected to the connection ports and on which the electronic circuit elements are located. It can also be referred to as the mainboard.

The motherboard is the most essential part of a computer. You cannot use any other hardware unit of the computer without the motherboard. Because all other hardware is connected to each other through the motherboard. Structure and Operation of the Motherboard our more detailed article on You can find it here.

Power Supply

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?  What are the Hardware Parts?

Internal Hardware parts Power supply is the general name of the units used to provide the energy needed by a system or assembly. E.g; The mobile phone, flashlight battery, the adapter used to charge the battery, the hardware that produces the power required by the computer are power sources.

The power supply is the hardware that is placed in a metal case inside the computer, contains transformers or electronic circuits, and provides direct current at different voltage values ​​required for the computer units to work properly. An incorrect power supply can burn out your computer’s rated components, which can cost you dearly. For this Be very careful when purchasing a power supply. must.

Processor (CPU)

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?  What are the Hardware Parts?

Internal Hardware partsBriefly from CPU (Central Process Unit), that is, the Central Processing Unit. The processor is the brain of the computer. As the name suggests, it is the element that performs the operations on the computer and sends it to the necessary places.

To put it simply, everything we do on the computer is bound to the processor. In other words, pressing a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse takes place exactly in the processor.

All the movements and functions that are wanted to be done on the computer are thanks to the processor. It processes the data coming from other devices with the help of mathematical operations, reaches the result and sends the result to the necessary places. All these processes take place in less than a second.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?  What are the Hardware Parts?

Internal hardware parts located between RAMIt is useful to keep the program data running on your computer in the memory of the computer system to increase its quick accessibility.

In computer systems devices, the word memory can have various meanings. In fact, it is a memory on the Hard disk like RAM. Data on the hard disk remains even when you turn off the computer system. In RAM, on the other hand, it is reset when the power is cut off and the data is not recorded.

RAM is indisputably faster than a hard disk. Therefore, a fast computer system is directly related to the size of the RAM speed and capacity. Switching between 10 different programs that you open on a machine with a high RAM capacity will be faster than a one with a low RAM capacity.

Because in high RAM, there will be more space for data that can be kept about the program. When there is no space left in RAM, this information starts to be played over the hard disk of your machine.

HardDisk (HDD)

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?  What are the Hardware Parts?

Internal Hardware Unitsin one of Hard disktruck. Internal hardware partsHard Disk (Hard Drive) is a magnetic recording medium used mainly for data storage. The most frequently used places are computers. Large amounts of information such as audio, video, software, databases are recorded on hard drives to be used when needed.

Hard drives are a type of memory used to securely store hard drives even when the computer is unplugged or turned off.

Moving parts are housed in an air-insulated compartment to protect hard disk drives from dust and other factors that hinder their operation.

The moving parts in the hard disk drives are the shaft, magnetic disks, reader/writer heads, the arms where the heads are placed and the system that moves the arms. The part where the data is written is the disks. The density of data written on the disks positively affects the performance of the data storage capacity of the hard disks.

Fan (Cooler)

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?  What are the Hardware Parts?

Fan-shaped equipment that allows computers to cool and speed up their basic equipment is called a fan. The fan provides cooling of the heated hardware in your computer, it is of great importance for the performance and the healthy operation of the parts that make up the hardware.

Over time, lint and dust accumulate in the fan, and the fan cannot sufficiently cool the computer. Therefore, the performance of the computer decreases. Neglecting fan maintenance can lead to serious hardware failures. For this hardware cleaning much attention is required.

Sound Board

What is Internal Hardware and External Hardware?  What are the Hardware Parts?

Computers, as we know, are digital devices. But the sound in nature is analog. The sound card we plug into the computer can convert digitally held audio information to analog audio signals, and at the same time analog audio signals to audio information, and at the same time analog audio signals to digital information. The sound received from the speaker is the analog form of the digital signal.

Sounds recorded from the microphone to the computer are also the digital transfer of analog signals to the computer.

For detailed information about what is a sound card, how it works, what it does to our post here You can have a look.

Indoor and Outdoor hardware unitsWe continue our article in which we discussed in detail.

on our next page exterior hardware partsLet’s consider in detail.

To learn more about the external hardware parts, go to our other page.

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