What is PlayStation Plus, How to use it?

Last updated: December 9, 2020

Sony’s service offering advantages and discounts to PlayStation users What is PlayStation Plus, what does it do PlayStation Plus fees what, Playstation plus subscribing and PlayStation Plus membership cancellation We will include topics such as how to do it in our article.

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus, SonyIt is a paid subscription system for consoles.

What does PlayStation Plus do?

Thanks to this system, you get many privileges such as free games and applications or special discounts. In addition to the free games selected every month, users can play these games unlimitedly during the subscription period.

PlayStation Plus Subscription Prices

  • 1 month old Playstation plus Subscription- 40 TL
  • for 3 months Playstation plus Subscription- 100 TL
  • 12 months Playstation plus Subscription- 240 TL

Is PlayStation Plus free membership possible?

It is free to try the PlayStation Plus for the first 14 days, and every PlayStation user has a one-time 14-day PlayStation Plus trial.

How to get a PlayStation Plus membership?

You can make your PlayStation Plus membership either from the PlayStation console or from the PlayStation website.

Getting a PS Plus membership through the PlayStation console

  • Turn on your PlayStation console ev By choosing your profile XPress.
  • Open PlayStation Store and sign in with your PlayStation Network account information.
  • By turning on the PS Plus option Try PS Plus Free Open the box.
  • PlayStation Plus Subscription typechoose your Subscribe Press.
  • Accept and Continue by pressing Payment Proceed to the process.
  • Add the payment method you want and Confirm Purchase Press.

Getting a PS Plus membership on the PlayStation website

How to get a PlayStation Plus membership?

  1. From here By opening the PlayStation Store website Join PS Plus Click the button.
  2. By choosing your subscription type PlayStation Network account informationSign in with you.
  3. Add the payment method you want and Confirm Purchase Click.

How to cancel PlayStation Plus membership?

  1. To account management login.
  2. From the menu on the left side of the screen Subscription Select.
  3. Next to PlayStation Plus. Turn Off Auto Renewal Select.

PlayStation Plus Collection nedir?

PlayStation Plus Collection, PlayStation 5 sahibi olan Playstation plus special to subscribers and ek ücret It is a game library that they can access without paying.

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