What is the Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing?

What is the importance of seo in digital marketing?

What is the Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing?

Today, due to the development of pandemic conditions, many businesses have moved their business to the digital environment. Of course, in this way, many strategies are followed in terms of acquiring and reaching customers on the digital side. Digital marketing in general Digital marketing it is called. One of the most important parts of digital marketing SEO‘hard.

english Search Engine Optimization the one which Search Engine optimization We can say that digital marketing, if done right, is almost one of the most cost-effective tools. Received by a successful agency or freelancer SEO service It offers you direct access to your customers. You are selling a product and while your competitors are at the top with advertisements, you can take place in organic results without any cost by using SEO service. In addition, staying at the top of the organic results for a long time also increases your brand awareness in terms of customers. Therefore, SEO is very important in digital marketing.

For example; Let’s say you are a seller that sells a product, and let’s say that users purchased this product as a result of their search from the search engine. In such a case, you definitely need to be in the top row. Of course, you can also rank higher with advertisements, there is no problem in that. Google Ads Consulting By taking the service, you can advertise with some reasonable prices, again there is no problem, but your cost will not be as low as SEO. For this reason, you should definitely not push SEO into the background. As a matter of fact, you should determine your digital marketing strategy by using both tools with the example of the industry we are talking about right now. This is the SEO expert you worked with or digital marketing agency It depends on the strategy you choose.

SEO’da Location Hedefleme

Just as we can choose the location when we want to advertise with social media ads and search engines, it is possible to work on a location-specific basis with SEO. For example; Let’s say you are an SEO agency that works on a location-based basis. “Izmir SEOWith the word ”, it is aimed to reach individuals and companies in Izmir who need SEO. Thus, by working on the basis of this word, you can rank higher in this word and attract customers.

In this way, separate strategies are determined for each sector and a location-specific study is provided. It can be placed in the desired locations and in the desired words with search engine optimization.

In short, SEO is an indispensable part of digital marketing. It should also be noted that placing a Google Ads ad on a non-SEO page will negatively affect your ad score, and will cause you to pay high costs and cause your ad to be shown less frequently. Therefore, all tools in digital marketing depend on them all. We can say that digital marketing is a whole, with arguments such as no SEO without social media, no Google Ads without SEO. Is it not possible to be successful in another part without one? It happens, but a part of a work is always missing.

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