What is TikTok Beauty Mode And How To Turn It On?

With the developing technology, apart from being face-to-face in interpersonal relations, we can meet and communicate as if all our loved ones are with us through social media accounts.

Actively used social media platforms facebook, instagram, Tik tok and many similar applications meet the needs of users.

In this article, we will examine the Tik Tok beauty mode feature among the features of the tiktok application.

What is tik tok beauty mod? Let’s look at the answer to this question;

With the tik tok beauty mode, app users can take pictures with much better quality and beautiful content. Thanks to the beauty trends created by the phenomena, we can say that user interactions have increased within the application.

The problem of beauty mode not opening, which is one of the frequently encountered questions, seems to upset its users.

There may be several reasons why the beauty mode feature does not turn on.

1) The software of the phone used may not support it.

2) Our account may be blocked.

3) The need to clear and update cache data of our phone and app.

4) Our phone is on for a long time and not turned off.

5) Tik tok being an old version.

There may be many similar reasons, and all these settings of our phone and application will need to be checked one by one.

Now that we got the answer to our question above, how to open Tik tok Beauty mode? Let’s answer our question.

We can say that the procedures to open the beauty mode feature in our Tik Tok account are very short and simple.

1) First of all, let’s log in to our tik tok account.

2) Camera From Our Account CAMERA Let’s open the section.

3) In the area that opens later, on the right BEAUTY Let’s click on it and we will see that this feature is turned on.

After all these processes, we will realize that the videos we shoot have a much better and higher quality appearance.

If we cannot see the word beauty after the above steps, that is, after opening the camera section, there is a possibility that there is a problem with our phone or application.

In this case, we can close and open the application and if the problem does not improve, let’s turn our phone off and on. In this way, we can activate the beauty mode and benefit from this feature of the application.

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