What is Twitter Blue, What Does It Do?

It has been used quite a lot recently in applications that have come to the fore with the developing technologies. There are many social media applications that we use in our daily lives. One of these applications attracted a lot of attention and appreciation by Twitter application users. As with other applications, Twitter has added a new feature with its constant updates.

In this article, what is Twitter Blue? We will get answers to our questions such as what are its features.

First of all, what is Twitter Blue? let’s get to know

Twitter Blue is defined as a paid service that offers us some features that other users cannot use in addition to our existing social media experiences. In this way, by subscribing to the paid service, we can obtain and benefit from multiple additional features that are not available to many users.

So let’s take a quick look at what these features are;

1) Folders for bookmarks;

* Twitter has a feature called bookmarks that allows us to save the tweets we like and find them easily later. With Twitter Blue, we can create folders from the bookmarks section and add the tweets we want to the folders we have created.

Each folders can give special names and use different colors. In addition, if we want to see all the tweets together, we can access them from the All bookmarks tab.

2) Tweets Undo Button;

* As a twitter user, we make posts from time to time and when we use wrong words in these posts, we cannot edit the post, so we have to remove the post and take action again. We can say that this situation is very upsetting for us users. At this point, Twitter adds a Blue Undo button.

Thanks to this button, we can select a period of time from a few seconds to thirty seconds and edit the tweet before it is shared.

But if the tweet has been shared, the only thing that can be done now is to delete and recreate it.


3) Reader View Mode;

* We can use the Reader view mode if we want the Tweets we share to look like an article and aim to be long attention-grabbing.

4) Customizable Themes and Colors.;

* Twitter Blue subscribers can change the theme they use and the colors of the themes. They have the opportunity to change the application icons on Android and IOS devices.

* Twitter Blue International price: $3.00 / Monthly

* Twitter Blue Turkey Price: 30.99 TL / Monthly

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