What is Windows Runtime Broker?

Last updated: October 2, 2020

If you see an exe file called Windows Runtime Broker on the Windows 10 task manager screen, don’t panic! What is the Windows Runtime Broker, what does it do, is the Windows Runtime Broker virus, how to remove the Windows Runtime Broker?

What is Runtime Broker?

Runtime Broker is an important system application that controls the permissions to access hardware devices (camera, microphone, etc.) published on Microsoft Store, just like Android and iOS devices.

What is Windows Runtime Broker?

What does the Runtime Broker do?

The general purpose of this process is to ensure that universal apps downloaded using the Windows Store check permissions and to take action in an adverse situation.

Runtime Broker virus?

Runtime Broker is not a virus.

How to close Runtime Broker?

If you want to close the Runtime Broker process, you can try to close the Runtime Broker process by right clicking on it in the task manager and clicking terminate the process, but will restart on its own.

The critical point here is that you should not disable the Runtime Broker process regardless.

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