What is WordPress and How to Use it


What is WordPress?


WordPress allows you to make your own site or someone else’s site without any coding knowledge. It is a tool written in PHP language and released in 2003. There are two different websites. These; wordpress.org and wordpress.com. WordPress.org is the community part. WordPress.com allows you to become a member and build your site. WordPress.com also sells hosting and domain names. In fact, most of the sites we know are made by people who do not really know code. For example, there are many news sites and companies such as CNN news site and SONY company. There is also a Wix tool similar to WordPress. But while wix is ​​paid, it allows you to create your site for free with one click, just like opening a wordpress social media account. So how does this happen? Let’s see.


How to use WordPress


If we give an example of wordpress, which allows you to open a site from any subject you can think of, it will be the most basic blog site. There are sites developed for programmers. It can be any site you can think of. It presents everything ready to you, including its theme. But someone with a knowledge of php language can change the themes with their own codes on their site made from wordpress. But of course, someone who does not have a programming language can also create a successful website. The easy part is that you don’t need to be proficient in programming languages. It has a very wide area thanks to its plugins. When you become a member of WordPress’s own official site, it means that you are no longer prevented from doing these. All you have to do is get hosting and have your own domain. You can also access free and paid domain and hosting.


Can You Earn Income With WordPress?


As you know, creating a website is challenging. And you need to be proficient in programming languages. Of course this does not apply to wordpress. In this case, a customer who wants to open a site for his own business may not even have time for wordpress. Every restaurant or small business you see on the street may need them. If you have knowledge of wordpress, domain, hosting and a few things about them except programming language, you can easily earn income from building a site. Although no programming language is required, this wordpress tool has its own knowledge as well. And only if you have them you can make a great site with wordpress except programming language. It’s easier but you have to practice a lot. Everyone has a website to build with WordPress. You can make a difference by learning information from your own wordpress. And you can be the preferred one.

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