What Should Be Considered When Buying Wireless Headphones?

More and more preferred What should be considered when buying wireless headphonesYou can find in detail in our article how should the Bluetooth headset features be.

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Thanks to its renewed designs, new features and the comfort it offers, it is now more preferred Bluetooth headphone It is necessary to be a little more careful while buying. Many details such as how long you will use the headset, what you will use it for, where you will use it, are important when choosing a Bluetooth headset.

Well What should be considered when buying wireless headphones, best Bluetooth headset how to choose

What should be considered when buying wireless headphones?

Different for many purposes property, size and in performance headphones available. The most obvious of these headphones are basically player headset, music headset and walking in a more professional environment is studio headset.

You are one when choosing headphones headphone firstly for what purpose you have to decide you will use it.

Frequency Response

Frequency Response refers to the highest and low frequency ranges that a headset can reproduce without causing any distortion. An ideal headphone’s frequency response range should be 20 Hz to 20 KHz because this is the frequency range of sounds that a normal person can hear. So higher frequency response ranges do not mean better sound quality.

Sound Profile

Although the sound profile doesn’t seem to make much sense, it helps you learn about the bass and treble quality of the product. For example, if the model has large drivers and lower frequencies, this indicates that the sound produced will have a heavier bass. The trick is to choose a headset with equal bass and treble ratio, as this gives you the highest sound quality.

Noise Isolation / Noise Canceling

Most people have some question marks between these two terms and think they are the same thing but no, they are not the same thing. When it comes to Noise Isolation, you need to look at how well the product covers your ear. This gives you passive insulation without using any technology. The Noise Canceller, on the other hand, also uses a microphone to detect the ambient noise and produces anti-noise equivalent to the noise. So there is a technology in the second.

You won’t notice a lot of ambient noise during gaming or music in either genre, but the decision should depend on your budget as insulation comes at a much more affordable price than blocking.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) What is its feature, what is it for? Active noise cancellation How does it work You can read it in more detail in our article here.


The sounds you hear in any headphones are realized with the help of drivers that convert electrical signals into sound. Therefore, the larger the size or the number of drivers, the richer the sound will be.

Impedance and Impedance Matching

The impedance of the headphones refers to the sound levels that the product is considered to be able to handle. To find out the impedance capacity of a pair of headphones, you will need to look at the voltage capacity.

When it comes to the selection point, always try to choose models with higher impedance. Not only do they adapt to different voltages, they also deliver better, clearer and transparent bass. You can get 9 ohm impedance headphones for better bass.

Another detail you should pay attention to while continuing with high impedance is impedance matching. We can define impedance matching as the match between source impedance and headphone impedance. Both of these values ​​must match for better sound quality. For example, if you hear a higher volume while listening to a high bass song, it means that the impedance values ​​of the headphones are incompatible.

What should be considered when buying wireless headphonesLet’s continue with our article on how should the Bluetooth headset features be.

Total Harmonic Distortion

Total Harmonic Distortion, with its shortest definition, is the voltage or current distortion caused by the harmonics of the audio signal. The lower THB, the better quality.

Sitting On The Ear

The specifications of a headset won’t mean anything if it doesn’t fit in your ear successfully. After looking at all the specs, see if the headphones will stay in your ears. This is important because we often find that great products have a bad fit. This is true even for products like AirPods Pro.

AirPods ProIt is reported that many users have problems falling from the ear due to the holes in the.

Multi Platform Support

One of the points you should pay attention to when buying a headset is compatibility. We know how stingy Apple is when it comes to compatibility.

However, in headphones, this is more acceptable and can generally be used on all Bluetooth-supported devices. Note, however, that some brands may not allow all features – such as active noise cancellers – on every platform. It is useful to investigate these issues in detail before purchasing.

What should be considered when buying wireless headphonesOur article on how should Bluetooth headset features be, is over.

We have chosen for you best wireless headphonesa You can find it in our article here.

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