What Should Be Done to Extend the Battery Life of Newly Purchased Phones?

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As you know now 7‘the 70Everyone uses a smart phone, but there is still a question to the following question; Am I charging my smartphone as it should?

The charging time of a new watch for a smartphone varies according to nickel or lithium-ion batteries. The charging clock of the newly purchased phone is for devices with nickel batteries. 8-10 moment, lithium-that maximum for battery powered devices 2-3 is hour. Nickel While it is correct to consume the battery completely for charging the batteries, lithium-that It is not correct to completely discharge the charge before use in batteries, this is because they have a completely smart battery standard.

What Should Be Done to Extend the Battery Life of Newly Purchased Phones?

  • Only the phone’s original charger should be used when charging the phone. The use of fake chargers leads to battery health problems in the future.
  • The phone should not be charged frequently. Charge level %20It should be preferred to charge it when it drops below .
  • The new generation of lithium-ion batteries, that is, the charge is at critical levels. %20 It is designed for charging around. Therefore, every time the phone’s charge is reset, %100’It should not be charged until Search for batteries %0After seeing , they start to become unstable, which then leads to battery problems.
  • While the phone is charging, care should be taken not to have a warm floor.
  • Charging stations or portable chargers should not be used unless they are known brands or according to the charging values ​​of your device.
  • If you have the necessary equipment and you have a device with strong wireless charging support, wireless charging should be used.
  • Applying these details will positively affect your phone’s battery health.

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    Smartphones that do not apply these details will cause both battery health problems and subsequent performance problems. In such cases, we strongly recommend that you contact the authorized technical service of your device without wasting time.

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    What Should Be Done If A Newly Purchased Smartphone’s Charge Is Running Out Immediately?

    • Unnecessary applications that refresh in the background should be closed. This is especially Android It is a very necessary condition for devices.
    • If there are applications that you do not use after closing the applications in the background ‘Sleep Mode‘ or ‘Deep Sleep Mode‘ should be taken.
    • The wallpapers used should be preferred in one color and motionless.
    • In cases where it is not needed location , bluetooth , nfc , Wi-Fi , mobile data , phone flashlight should be kept closed.
    • A device other than the original charger should not be preferred, unless necessary, any other device other than the charger should be used. USB It should not be charged with the port.
    • Unused unnecessary applications should be removed even if they are not used, as they will consume data and charge.
    • If your phone is an advanced device, it should be used by lowering the screen resolution as it will cause battery problems.

      xiaomi-mi-9-27w-wireless-charger-920x470.jpg (920×470)How to Create a Correct Charging Method and Layout?

      A correct charging scheme positively affects the battery life of the smartphone and ensures longer use, for this we must first protect our charging cable and charger, do not forget that a damaged charging product %100 does not benefit. Your charging routine should always be consistent. %20The charge value of the device should not decrease below , and it should be charged immediately. %100 continued after use. Also, while the device is charging The game , Film , Video Applications that require high performance should not be used, such as this method of use may permanently damage the hardware elements of your device. The charging value of the device varies according to the products used and the fast charging support of the device.

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