What should I do for TTNET Subscription Cancellation?

What should i do for ttnet subscription cancellation?

TTNET subscription cancellationYou can do this by calling Türk Telekom stores, e-Government or TTNet customer services.

TTNET internet subscription termination process:

  • By applying personally to Türk Telekom Office / Group Stores
  • By sending an identity document and a signed petition to the fax number 0(312) 306 07 16,
  • By applying through the e-Government system
  • By sending a copy of your ID and a signed petition to [email protected] via the e-mail address registered in Türk Telekom
  • You can do this by contacting our 444 1 444 customer service.

Cancellation applications to be made by fax Türk Telekom internet subscription cancellation request form needs to be filled. Click here You can fill out this form and print it out.

TTNET subscription cancellation via e-Government

via e-Government TTNET subscription cancellation For this, it is necessary to enter the e-government system with a mobile signature or e-signature. In case of entering with a password, termination request cannot be made.

TTNet Subscription Termination Application via e-Government for:

  • BTK’s e-Government https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/btk-abonelik-fesih-basvurusu enter the page.
  • Verify your Personal information by checking your subscriptions.
  • Selecting your subscription you want to terminate Reason for termination applicationfill your
  • Finally Subscription termination certificateSign

For the service that you will cancel from the results Subscription cancellation applicationYou can find in.

From the date your cancellation request reaches TTNet, your service will be stopped within 24 hours and cancellation will be made within seven days. After your line is cancelled, the modem must be returned to Türk Telekom Offices or Stores. The non-refundable device cost is reflected on the final invoice.

TTNET also offers its customers the opportunity to freeze the service for up to 180 days in addition to the subscription cancellation. To freeze your subscription, you can either go to Türk Telekom branches or 444 1 444 You can call Türk Telekom customer service.

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