WhatsApp Business Apk Download and How to Use it?

Here’s WhatsApp Business APK Available for Download; Migration and Other Features Detailed for you. WhatsApp Business App, a new app Facebook company designed to help businesses communicate with their customers. More details on the application appeared online, giving us a first look at the features that WhatsApp aims to provide businesses with the prospect of generating revenue.

The APK for WhatsApp Business has also been made available for download by a third-party website (ex. srcwap.com) and, separately, a Google Play link for the app has also been spotted.

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About WhatsApp Business App

The WhatsApp Business app will give businesses access to analytics, giving them a complete overview of how often their customers interact and the popularity of their texts. Businesses will also be able to easily manage their corporate and personal accounts, reports, citing documents provided by a user who has registered with the WhatsApp Business account.

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WhatsApp Business apk

The service belonging to Facebook gives companies the ability to easily transfer their business number to WhatsApp Business. According to the document, users get three options: they can install the WhatsApp Business app on the same phone as their personal WhatsApp account, but a different number is linked to the business account.

By registering, WhatsApp allows companies to choose the most appropriate category – clothing and apparel, entertainment, finance and banking, government and public services, etc. – to define the type of business they run.

These business customers also have the ability to set an automatic reply called “Absence messages” so that when customers send them a message after office hours or a day when the business is closed, they are instantly informed of the same thing. Companies can also schedule “Messages” in advance.

Users will also be notified when they have contacted a business account that has not been verified by WhatsApp. The companies audited will present a check mark to distinguish them from impostors and other companies.

WhatsApp Business Apk Download for Android

The APK file of WhatsApp Business app is now available for download and is being tested by the early testers. There are tabs for your camera, chats, status, and calls. The changes will be found in Settings where you will find two new tabs i.e. Business settings and Statistic.

  • Category: Business
  • Operating System: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Uploaded October 10, 2017

Download Whatsapp Business_v0.0.60.apk

You are downloading WhatsApp Business Latest APK v0.0.60 for Android. The app looks the same as WhatsApp except the title bar says WhatsApp Business.

How to Manage your Personal and Business Accounts

Planning Ahead: choose the option that works best for you. You can migrate your current business number to WhatsApp Business as

  1.  One phone and one app

    Migrate your current business number to WhatsApp Business.

    This option makes the most sense if: You Currently only use Whatsapp for business and do not intend to use WhatsApp or the associated phone number for personal conversations moving forward.

  2. One phone and two apps

    Register a different mobile number for WhatsApp Business. Download both WhatsApp business and your personal WhatsApp on same phone, but the two accounts will have different numbers.

    This option makes the most sense if: you primarily use one device for business, but still want to have access to your personal WhatsApp during working hours.

  3. One phone and two apps

    Register a landline number for WhatsApp Business. Download both WhatsApp business and your personal WhatsApp on same phone, but the two accounts will have different numbers.

    This option makes the most sense if: You have personal phone and WhatsApp account and a landline for business, but wish to accept messaging at that number moving forward.

  4. Two phones

    One phone for business use and one phone for personal use.

    This option makes the most sense if: You to keep your personal and work phones and accounts completely separate.


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