Whatsapp Plus Apk Download Latest New Version [WA+]

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk is a modified WhatsApp app that comes with some features that do not appear in the official app. It seems that the WhatsApp Plus app is updated frequently, but it is only available to Android users. It becomes the most popular after FMWhatsapp application among all people who want to use another number on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download Latest Version Whatsplus For Android:

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus is 6.40 and it can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your Android device. We remind you that the WhatsApp Plus apk has been removed from the Google Play Store after the WhatsApp developers requested it. Now you can download it from SRCWAP.Com

A few days ago, I realized that WhatsApp Plus apk for Android no longer works, it crashes a lot, and it does not give many options as does the original WhatsApp app. Then I opened my eyes and tested that people say true or it was just a rumor.

That’s why I’m here to share my point of view about this app and comprehensive guidelines on how to install and use this app on your smartphones. Let’s take a look at the paragraph below which is all about WhatsApp intro:



Just like the original WhatsApp app, WhatsApp Plus is a communication app that is used to communicate with your family and friends via chat and audio/video calling. You can even send multimedia things and documents.

As we all know now, we can get many WhatsApp Mod versions in the online market, and WhatsApp PLUS is one of them to take advantage of the extra features that are missing in the original WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Plus APK is a mod of the WhatsApp app that is initially developed by a few developers in 2017. By using the Plus version of WhatsApp, you can do additional tasks compared to the native WhatsApp app like; hide your last view, hide status online, lock the system for specific chats, etc.

This app comes with a lot of hidden hints and features that makes this application remarkable in front of native Whatsapp enthusiasts.

What they offer their users is another thing that will be discussed later. Let us know more about this in what purpose for the development of this other WhatsApp application

Likewise, this app does the same thing, but WhatsApp Plus App does something different from the original. By using this application you can use more random features.

Although this is based on the original WhatsApp app and you use it, you can hide the last view, change themes, send large files, and load more things to do with tips.


You may wonder about the features before getting this app on your smartphone. This is a kind of new Mod version of WhatsApp plus with the most advanced features. It has numbers of interesting features that are missing in the original version of WhatsApp for Andriod.

Learn more about the coolest feature of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus in detail below:

  • The application is much more customizable than the official WhatsApp application and you are able to change the colors, font sizes and more;
  • The pictures that you send on WhatsApp Plus will not be decreased and will keep the original quality;
  • Anti-ban;
  • Audio and video call added to this mod APK. You can make unlimited calls with your friends.
  • You can send text messages to your contact.
  • Now you can hide the last seen and blue double ticks by using this mod app.
  • It has one cool feature to disable the audio calls for all.
  • You can create groups and share that group link to your contacts so that they can join the groups without admin permission.
  • It gives you more privacy options than the original one.
  • Always Online option is adding more shine to this app. You can enable this option to make your status always online. The only thing needed from your side is; Keep your internet connection on.
  • Change the display picture whenever you want.
  • Ability to see the status in the chat screen;
  • Change the icon of the WhatsApp app from the drawer section.
  • You can take the complete backup of your app including all contact details, chats and calls as well.
  • The best feature is lock/set the password for your any of the conversations and app without using third-party apps.
  • You can change the theme of your chat screen for a specific user and share it with your friends and family members.
  • Save any theme then share it with your friends.
  • You have now status words limit increased to 255 characters.
  • It can hide the numbers of status options such as, hide the blue tick, hide the single tick, hide the recording status, hide the blue microphone, and hide the View status as well.
  • Users can copy any of the friends’ status by using copy clipboard.
  • You can send documents files in any of the popular or most used formats such as PDF, TXT, XLS, and Docs as well.
  • You can set the schedule timing of messages and recall the WhatsApp messages anytime.
  • Whatsapp plus app has many customizable themes to customize its look as per your own taste.
  • You just need to hit one click to share your location with your friends.

You’re done with features. Which feature do you like most of the features mentioned above? I would like to hear your point of view below in the comments section.

Well, I like the chat lock feature without any third-party application. I think this feature is the most sought by all young people who want to keep secret their conversations with their friends and family.

Whatsapp Plus APK Features
You have got the locking option within your app without any hassle. That’s the beauty of WhatsApp Plus APK.

How cool is it? Isn’t it?


For Use Whatsapp plus in your Device, You need to set some things before using this app on your Android device. These conditions are for all versions of WhatsApp Plus APK. But you have to download the latest version of this WhatsApp Plus app to avoid any errors and problems.

What you need before installing this application is below:

  • At least Android 4.0+
  • A good Internet connection
  • 200 MB Free space on Internal Memory

I hope you have the necessary requirements to use this app on your device. This is very common, but I preferred to mention it here because readers of this article may not know it very much. So, I’m just trying to help them.

If you have everything to do, then you are ready to go with this app.


This information is the latest version of WhatsApp Plus that you will read below. And the current version is 6.01 with the size of almost 40 MB. If you have decided to use this app on your Android device then you need to know about this app what do you want to use on your phone.

Let’s look at a moment


I hope you read through the above part of this article and if you agree to use this app on your Android phone then you need to download WhatsApp Plus from any reliable resource. Remember whatsapp plus in play store not available.

This app is not available on google play store, so you need a secure source from where you can download the Whatsapp APK plus app. You can trust us because we provide this APK file after scanning it with various antiviruses.

This WhatsApp Plus version is a third-party application that is not available in the Google Store. You can never get this app to play at the store, and that’s why you have to download it to install this app on your phone.

We will provide WhatsApp Plus free for Android devices. You can download WhatsApp Plus APK directly from the link mentioned below.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version from here:

   Download WhatsappPlus APK For Android.

   GBWhatsapp Download Another Mod Design Of Whatsapp.

If you have a problem with the download link, you can contact us directly using the contact page or the comments section below. We are here to help you in any case. To stay in contact


Have you downloaded the Whatsapp Plus from the link mentioned above?

If you have finished downloading, you are ready to proceed to the next step of the installation guide. We will provide the step by step guide to install this app on your phone without losing the chat of the original WhatsApp.

Continue to follow the step-by-step guide below:


  • Download The Whatsapp Plus on your Phone from above. Now simply install it on your Android phone.


  • Now You need to take a complete backup of your chats settings, So Open Whatsapp from your Phone, Goto Settings — Chats — Backup
whatsapp apk download
  • Then make a full backup and wait for some time, so let’s wait for few seconds, and let the backup complete.
  • Now, UnInstall your previous/Orginal Whatsapp by Going into Settings > Apps > Whatsapp Plus > Uninstall
  • Step-3

    • Now, install your downloaded WhatsApp plus on your Android device.
    • Enter your mobile number and verify your number via OTP code.
    • Then Restore your backup
    WhatsApp plus back retore
  • Now, enter your name and other details and then you are good to go, Now you are Enjoying Whatsapp Plus apk in your Android device, let’s enjoy it 😀
  • That’s it. You have finished with this installation process on your phone. Now you are ready to get experience with this app.

    If you found this app helpful or useful, do recommend to your friends and family members.


    It’s pretty much similar to the original WhatsApp app. You can directly open the application and use it as you want to use it.

    There is no hard and fast rule for this application that requires unique tips on how to use this app. Although this question is childish for those who already use original Whatsapp on their phones.

    But we take care of all type users so that we will tell you how can you use this app quickly on your phone.

    Here is what you can do with this app:

    • Open the WhatsApp Plus app where it is on your mobile screen. Press it will open immediately.
    • You can now see the first page with three main headers, namely Chat, Status, and Calls as like orginal whatsapp.
    • By default, the Chat screen opens when you tap it. If you want to go to the call section, click on it with the help of your finger.
    • In the Calls section, you can see the entire call log placed there only when and who to call using this application. Just like the history of your phone calls.
    • In the Status section, you can put your status there as well as photos and videos.
    • On the right side of the screen, you can see the three points that have other options to select.
    • There are a lot of tips you can do in the settings, eg. hide the last view, hide the online status, save and enter the status, hide the blue checkmarks and set the password for a specific conversation.
    • You can send documents, inserting the image of the gallery and much more by choosing the three-point option.
    • You can set the profile image by going to the editing section.

    How easy was it? Is not it? Cool!

    You now know how to use this app to make your Whatsapp life a lot more comfortable. You are ready to hit the jackpot! :v 😛

    Permissions List

    • Kill Background Tasks
    • Internet Access
    • Access Device Location
    • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
    • Get Accounts
    • Read Contacts
    • Modify Audio Settings
    • Record Audio
    • Send SMS
    • Vibrate
    • Write Contacts
    • Write External Storage
    • Use Maps Services


    Well, I’m not just thinking about this app, but I’ve used this app on my phone to test that I’m going to write about it, so I need to know about this app a lot more than others.

    My experience with this app is just like a Jem. I feel like I just got a pearl in the form of the WhatsApp app. That’s about better than the original version of WhatsApp.

    I used both original WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus apps on my phone, so I can say that WhatsApp Plus is worth using and the secure app. And I just understood that what is the difference between the two applications.

    I must say that this is a Plus version of WhatsApp APK that is worth using to communicate with your friends.

    Some Faq’s Regarding WhatsApp Plus Apk

    It has a ton of features that are simply remarkable and remarkable. It is a worthy application. It offers many more options to secure your chat and set privacy in all aspects. I have to tell you to try this app for once. It’s completely secure for you and your phone.

    So, guys here are some important faqs regarding this latest whatsapp plus apk, which you asked me recently, so I added them here to make this guide easier.

    Q1) Is It’s Better than official Whatsapp?

     Yes, This app is better than any other version of whatsapp

    Q2) Is My Whatsapp Account Will be safe if I Use Whatsapp Plus apk?

     Yes, Don’t worry

    Q3) Is WhatsApp plus for iPhone available?

     No, Whatsapp Plus for iPhone devices is not available currently.

    Q4) WhatsApp Plus VS GBWhatsApp, Which one is better modded version?

     WhatsApp plus and GBWhatsApp have their own feature. You can install both mod apps and use which one you want.

    Q5) Do I need to Uninstall Official Whatsapp for use this modded app?

     Yes, Uninstall official original Whatsapp first, then install this modded Whatsapp plus app on your Phone.

    Have More Questions? Simply Comment Below I will try to help you out.  For more inquiry regarding this app, you can comment below; I will try to help you out. This app is very useful and helpful for Android devices. You can use this app in any android device for free without paying to anyone. The best thing about this app is that it will never expire.

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    Did you like this post that was all about the Whatsapp Plus APK download, install. how to use? I can hope you enjoyed this guide that can help you use this app on your Android device.

    As I shared my experience with this application above, I must say that it is not a waste of time. WhatsApp Plus for Android is a free application that you can use quickly on your Android device without any hassle.

    But again, if you have a problem regarding this guide, contact us directly without hesitation, because we like to help people who need our help and support.

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