Where to Find Recovery Recovery Keys

Where to find recovery recovery keys

On Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and many more laptops recovery ie recovery keys We explain where and how to access these keys.

If your computer came with the Windows operating system installed when you bought it, there is a Recovery area reserved for you to recover your system in possible cases, and a Revovery key to start the recovery process.

Recoveryis the recovery console created to restore the system to the most smooth running state on computers and other electronic devices. recovery processAs soon as you bring a device back to the recovery point with this, all the data in the system will be permanently deleted.

recovery keysYou can enable Windows to be reinstalled and reset with one click.

Where are the recovery keys located?

recovery keysThe location of the laptop varies according to the laptop brands.

Where to Find Recovery Recovery Keys

Lenovo Recovery Tuşu

If you have a Lenovo brand computer, there is usually a recovery pit in the lower left corner. If you press here with a sharp and solid object, you can enter the rescue section. You can easily reset your computer from the recovery partition or F11 use the recovery key.

Asus Recovery Key

Asus brand devices F9 You can recover with the key. If there is a Windows 8.1 version, you can recover by following the necessary steps from the recovery section if there is a Windows 10 version in the “Factory reset” section.

In Asus Notebooks, you can use the Esc key to change the boot priority, and the F2 key to enter the Bios. So if you want to start the computer from USB memory or DVD, you do not need to enter the Bios, Esc use the key.

Toshiba Recovery Tuşu

On Toshiba branded computers recovery tuşu F8‘to you.

When starting the computer F8 You can recover by pressing the key and selecting “repair your computer”. In some Toshiba models, this process can be stuck, then you can turn on the computer by pressing the 0 (zero) key and try to recover it again.

Samsung Recovery Tuşu

When starting the computer on Samsung devices F4 You can enter the recovery screen by pressing the key continuously and serially, and you can recover by selecting restore. Samsung provides easier recovery than many models.

ACER Recovery Key

Restart the computer and Acer when the logo appears Alt while holding down the key eRecovery Press and release the F10 key until the console starts. eRecovery When the console opens, select Restore to Factory Default Settings and say OK.

DELL Recovery Key

Restart the computer and Dell logo when it appears Ctrl while holding down the key until the Recovery Console starts F11 Press and release the button for a while. Dell™ PC Restore by Symantec screen will appear. Select the Restore option and give the necessary approvals.

HP Recovery Tuşu

Restart the computer and F10 (F11 on some models) Press the key continuously. When the Recovery Console opens, you only need to confirm. To access the different options, select Advanced Options and then Next.

Casper Recovery Tuşu

at the opening F9 or F11 Press the key continuously. The recovery screen will appear in front of you.

Packard Bell Recovery Tuşu

Keep pressing the F11 key at startup. In a short time, the Recovery Console will open, select the option you want

Sony Bell Recovery Tuşu

at the opening F10 Press the key continuously. 2nd- VAIO Recovery WizarWhen the d console opens, select the option you want and confirm.

Expert Recovery Key

Exper laptolarda F11 you can use the key.

LG Recovery Key

Key combinations vary according to models in LG laptops. Generally F11 – F9 you can use keys.

Vestel Recovery Key

Press F8 or F10 or F11 continuously at boot

Beko Recovery Key

Try the F8 and F10 functions.

Crea Recovery Key

You can start the recovery process by pressing the F8 key.

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Last Updated: December 1, 2021

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