Why Are Original Images So Important in SEO?

Imagesyour website traffic and search enginesto increase their ranking in SEOIt is an important part of. It also helps you engage with your audience.


To improve SEO results original content You may have heard of using it. When it comes to the SEO process, content is considered king. But webmasters often do not know the original graphics or images. Source images are just as important to SEO as written content. But we often see webmasters use stock images instead of creating original images. Prior to original imageand stock imageLet’s talk a little bit about.

Original Images

Original images are mostly graphics or images that have not been previously published on the internet. For better understanding, we can give an example of a company logo. Every company or organization a unique logo and they can put it on their website or other Internet platform. It is considered new and unused. It represents a particular company or organization. It’s hard to find two organizations with the same logo. Likewise, if you use original images in your content and publish them on internet platforms, this is more advantageous than using stock images.

Stock Images

Stock images are available from various websites or image hosting providersThese are images that you can purchase or download from. You can take graphics or images based on your content and use them with content on your website or social platforms.

Pictures are virtual objects that are used multiple times. You have received a picture of your website, but the picture may have been sold to others and posted on the Internet.

For the sake of simplicity, reverse photo search Let us give an example of the results. visual arama The tool takes you to the source of the image. You can easily search by image through any online image finder. It mostly shows images that are already available on the web.

After you do an image search, you can see similar images previously used on various URLs, websites, and other Internet platforms.

Benefits of Using Original Images

If you do a reverse image search on the image, you may find multiple links from your blog/website and similar business/niche domains. If people like your product or information, they like to research you for more information. This will help you attract new visitors and draw more attention to your website. Original content is always better than copied content.

Disadvantages of Using Stock Images

If you do a reverse image search, you may see several companies/websites/blogs using the same images. It does not leave a good impression on users. Standard images soon became famous, but the content type was ignored. Users will not be interested in images they have seen elsewhere before. This will not invite new users to your website.

Find the Right Picture

It’s better to use the original image (the one you took) than the standard image.

Your article needs an image that fits your topic. If you add random photos while analyzing the content of the Yoast SEO plugin just to get a green mark, you’re doing it wrong.

The image should reflect the subject of the post or have a descriptive purpose in the article. Also, try adding the image next to the relevant text.

There’s a simple reason for this for SEO: Images with text rank better on optimized keywords.

Create Unique Images

When you fill your website with stock images, it will look unoriginal, just like thousands of other websites, which is by no means overlooked. Too many websites have the same standard photos.

Even if your stock images are optimized, they won’t have the same impact and potential SEO benefits as high-quality original images. The more original images you have, the better the user experience and the better your chances of ranking in relevant search results.

You can take inspiration from stock images to create images for your site. Image search can bring you thousands of photos to get ideas for when creating your images.

Google DiscoverPlease note that will display larger images more often. Large images should be at least 1200, as recommended by Google’s advanced SEO resources. pixels should be wide and allow maximum preview.

Stock Photo Alternatives

If you don’t have an original image, there are other ways to find unique photos and avoid stock photos. For example, Flickr.com, Creative Commons It is a good image source because it can use images. Thanks to the original photographer.

Unsplash Images provided by websites such as Whatever you use, you may find that photos taken with people always look like stock photos, unless you take the photos yourself. It’s always the best idea.

The most suitable alternative to photography might be graphics or illustrations. Choose animated GIFs as they are popular these days.

If you’re having trouble getting your content material noticed, keep these points in mind before adding any photos. Adding original images to your site will increase the likes of your website to rank higher.


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