Adding Clock to Desktop on Computer (Windows Clock Widget)

Adding clock to desktop on computer (windows clock widget)

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If the clock icon on the Windows taskbar is starting to get boring for you, there are 5 beautiful things that you can use to add a clock to the desktop. when widgetYou can use .

5 best Windows clock widgets to use to add clock to desktop

  • Sense Desktop
  • Clocks
  • Digital Clock 4
  • DS Clock
  • Elegant Clock

Sense Desktop

With this widget, you can add both the weather and the clock to the desktop. The app has more than 20 skins to choose from.

Download: Sense Desktop


Adding Clock to Desktop on Computer (Windows Clock Widget)

The Clocks widget is another great app in the Microsoft Store that offers five types of clock widgets to display the clock on your desktop, along with some extra widgets that you can purchase from the in-app store. The basic clock widgets have a super simple interface, while the premium ones have a sleeker look.

Download: .Clocks

Digital Clock 4

Digital Clock 4 offers a wide variety of customization options for your desktop clock. After downloading and running the widget for the first time, it appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

Download: Digital Clock 4

DS Clock

DS Clock clock widget for Windows is another fully customizable clock widget. In default mode, the widget displays the date and time.

Download: DS Clock

Elegant Clock

Elegant Clock displays the time and date in a simple interface. Before adding the Elegant Clock skin, you must install the Rainmeter widget. Therefore, you will need to download and install two apps instead of one.

Download: Rainmeter

Download: Elegant Clock

How can I put a clock on the computer screen?

If you don’t like the clock icon on the Windows taskbar, you can put a clock on your computer screen by downloading beautiful clock widgets.

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