Sharing Instagram Posts

Sharing instagram posts

You can find how to share Instagram posts in our article and you can apply these methods.


If you’re an Instagram user, chances are high that it’s not the only social network you post to Instagram. The app has made it super easy to post your post to several other social networks, including Facebook.

Sharing Instagram Posts and Connecting Your Social Networks;

To share Instagram photos on other social networks, you need to link these accounts.

1. On the Instagram home screen, tap your profile icon and then the menu icon in the top right.

2.Settings Select > Account > Share with other apps.

3.Select the account you want to link and enter your login information. You can connect a number of networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. (If you’re connecting to Facebook, the app may already have the information in your account, as both Facebook and Instagram are part of the same company, as mentioned earlier.)

Sharing Instagram Posts

Sharing Instagram Posts and Publishing Your Posts on Instagram and Other Social Networks;

1. Select the plus sign at the top of the screen in the Instagram app. Send then select the picture you want to share (or take a new photo). Forward Tap .

2.Apply any filters and edits you want to the photo. Forward Tap .

3. On the last screen before the photo is published, you will have the option to write a caption, tag people and add a location. You’ll also see a list of major social media services available, along with other social media services (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler) you’ve linked to your Instagram account.

4.Open all social networks where you want to post the photo. If you have not yet connected to the network in question, you will be invited to do so at this point.

If you choose Advanced settings (it comes right after the list of social media services), you can set up automatic posting of your photos and videos to Facebook.

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