All Aspects Samsung Pay User Guide?

All aspects samsung pay user guide?

Samsung Pay user guide In our article, Samsung’s own wallet solution How to use Samsung Pay, How to add a card to Samsung Pay We will explain in detail.

iPhone users have Apple Pay, while Samsung users have the option of Google Pay or Samsung’s own wallet solution, Samsung Pay. In some parts of the world, Samsung Pay has been renamed Samsung Wallet. .

As the name suggests, Samsung Pay is a digital wallet application. Samsung Pay is designed to work with Samsung devices only.

Is Samsung Pay safe?

Using Samsung Pay It is a very secure payment method. Samsung Pay uses Tokenization and Samsung KNOX to secure your payment information, and also requires your fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN to authorize in-store purchases.

If your phone is lost or stolen, your cards and payment information stay safe. Your card information remains private when your phone is locked, and users cannot verify in-store purchases without your fingerprint or Samsung Pay password.

Phones that support Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is available on Samsung phones that support NFC. Some older Samsung phones need to run the Android Nougat 7.0 software update for Samsung Pay to work.

Devices that support Samsung Pay are:

  • Galaxy Z Series
  • Galaxy Note Series (Galaxy Note 5 and newer)
  • Galaxy S Series (Galaxy S6 Edge+ and newer)
  • Galaxy M Serisi (M22, M23 5G, M32, M33 5G, M52 5G, M62)
  • Galaxy A Series (Galaxy A5 and newer)

Banks that support Samsung Pay

Using Samsung PayIn addition to a supported Samsung smartphone, you also need a supported card provider to get started. Banks that support Samsung Payto the list You can find it here.

How to set up Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay‘I Samsungfrom the app store or by clicking here You can download it from Google Play.

How to add a card to Samsung Pay?

You can add up to 10 payment cards to Samsung Pay, as well as set a default transport card (for public transport systems) and add up to 300 shopping cards.

Before you can use Samsung Pay, you need a Samsung account. If you already have a Samsung account, simply log in to the application, if you do not have a Samsung account, you can refer to our article below to create one immediately.

  1. Open the Samsung Pay app.
  2. + Payment cards Go to section.
  3. From here, add your card using NFC.
Adding a Samsung Pay card

In some countries, you can use Samsung Pay on public transport systems. To set a default transport card to your Samsung Pay app, you must have added at least one payment card to your wallet.

If you have many store cards in your wallet, you can add them to Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay allows users to add up to 300 cards to the app.

Using Samsung Pay

To use Samsung Pay to pay:

  1. Open Samsung Pay.
  2. From here, select the card you want to pay with.
  3. Use your fingerprint or Samsung Pay password to verify your identity.
  4. When you hold your device to the card reader, the payment will be completed using NFC.

Using Samsung PayI’m that easy!

Is Samsung Pay used in Turkey?

However, we regret to say that Samsung Pay is currently unavailable in Turkey.

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