Cool iPhone Tips That Improve Your iPhone Experience

Apple has launched the most innovative and inspiring devices for all. The iPhone was the best product developed and launched by this company, which is getting better and better with every passing year. Now Apple has taken many steps further and added plenty of appealing features in its pioneering iPhone models.
Unfortunately, the review writers highlight only a few selected features of iPhone, while it comprises a number of impressive things that you even don’t know exist. Here we are going to reveal details on some hidden features of the iPhone. You should attention to these features, if you want to take complete use of your iPhone.

A Custom Message for All Missed Calls:

Every time people can’t be free to pick the call. You may be in the meeting, in the mid of a lecture of completing any important work. Your colleagues should receive a message from your side that you are busy. iPhone offers a facility of sending a custom message on every missed call. This Smartphone comprises custom text messages to respond. You can tap on any of those messages to respond on the miss call. Explore the phone icon, which is situated around the unlock slider and tap for the text or custom message.

Yes, You Can Make It Work Like an Android Phone:

Many iPhone users see the freedom android users get in their phones. iOS is quite sophisticated and it causes restrictions over sharing data, installing apps and some other things. You can remove those restrictions from your iOS device depending on which iPhone model you are using. It requires jailbreaking your iPhone to turn it into an Android device. Everything will be the same, but there will be no restrictions over sharing and installing apps. Experts developers have found the breakthrough and now they are helping iPhone users for jailbreaking their phones.

The Multitasking Home Button:

On the PC we can see that how many apps we have opened and using. This feature is unfortunately not available on iOS. However, an iPhone user can check all the unclosed apps by double tapping the home button. Thus, you will get a list of all the apps running in the background. You can swipe and eliminate all the useless apps and keep useful apps open. This feature really saves your time and gives you quick access to necessary apps in an iPhone.

Click Images While Shooting Videos:

This is amazing because you can complete the video recording and click the images simultaneously. Many iPhone users don’t know about this feature which is really an exciting feature of the iPhone. Tap at the camera icon, while recording a video and you will get a snap of the same scene.

Using Music App While the Screen is Locked:

You can’t use music apps, while the screen is locked in the Android devices. iPhone is quite better and it never asks you to unlock the screen. Just double tap at home button and the music app will appear, where you can change the songs, control the volume or close the app.
There are many other iPhone tricks that make your work easier and help you in operating your iPhone better. Know them and enjoy those amazing features of your iPhone.

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  1. Ironically most of the people who owns iPhone have no idea of complete functionality including me and speaking fairly I would like to say these mentioned features are a bit useful but not completely!! However, learning new thing’s does matter cheers!!

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