Top 5 Secure Dropbox Alternatives

Cloud storage has become a new trend in this age of technology and we have the opportunity to save our files online to minimize data loss due to hard drive crash or stolen device.

Dropbox is one of the oldest companies that triggered the online storage trends in the past. Dropbox is still popular in the sense that everyone knows. But there was a breach of security now and then, so we’ll discuss some of Free and Premium Cloud storage for your backup that is secure, giving more amounts of storage that Dropbox.

Top 5 Secure and Free Dropbox Alternative for 2016

In this post, we’ll show you Top 5 secure dropbox alternatives to  that offer adequate security and attribute a lot of storage that Dropbox.

Dropbox alternative 1 :


Google Drive

The list of alternative Dropbox will be incomplete if we do not understand the best cloud storage service from Google Drive. Get 15GB of free cloud storage and access your files anytime from any device. It is known to everyone that Google Drive will store your files with  security.???? You can also copy other files from Google Drive directly to your own account Drive. You can share the file to specific folder for the public for everyone to download.

Dropbox alternative 2


Box gives you 10 GB storage for free. You can upload you files from both Desktop and mobile. You can sync your mobile and desktop both on the same box account. Amazing! You can Drag and Drop files right into it’s desktop app. As far best dropbox alternative. It has a catch in free account, that is 250 MB file size limit. You can extend this dearth amount of filesize by upgrading to Starter account (6$ per month) . There are some unique features of box like you can save,edit and share Microsoft office files without closing the files, You can manage your folder’s with personal comment on each folder and even you can replace your files on a folder but keeping the old URL. You can share your files publicly with Box.

 Dropbox alternative 3 :


Mega is one of the best alternatives for Dropbox. Mega generous offer 50GB of storage in the cloud for FREE. If you need more storage, you can purchase the PRO service with the storage and 500GB bandwidth 5TB to 99 €. Mega offers HTML5 encrypting your files end to end so that even if Mega will never be able to decipher it. If you are very concerned about your business files, then you can choose Mega. You must use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome browser to use the HTML5 encryption end to end properly and Firfox Mega Addon Chrome extension and is ready to serve you. Mega desktop client offers and mobile application to synchronize your computer with Cloud Server Mega. You can also share files and folders with friends. You may think that the best Mega dropbox safe alternative.

 Dropbox alternative 4 :


Degoo gives 3GB storage for free registration. You can update it for free up to 100GB by sharing your player with others. Install it is desktop client and select the files you want to backup. All files will be downloaded to your account degoo even if you turn off your desktop. Upload will resume as soon as you turn on your computer. Ok that is practical, but what about security? Your files are divided into pieces and stored in different places all over the world so that your files are safe.

Dropbox alternative 5 :


ByteBX is new in this industry, but has already obtained many customers because of its Secure Cloud Storage service as well as innovative and fully responsive web design. You should not install applications for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. You can upload and download files online because of its design of adaptive site. You will get 2.5 GB free storage in your free accounts. I recommend its premium service, because it is affordable. 100 GB of storage for a month will cost you only $ 9.90. This is an excellent alternative because ByteBX Dropbox allows you to download a complete file in the zip file. As more point you will be able to download files from BitTorrent networks.

Dropbox alternatives 2022 Summary

These are the best alternative dropbox 5 in 2016 that you can try instead of Dropbox and they provide a lot of security and storage capacity than Dropbox. We hope you enjoyed this post. Please register and share !!

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