Finding and Editing iCloud Backups

iPhone users use and iOS an important feature in devices iCloudmakes it easy for you to back up your data and to easily access and control your data. Also, when you buy a new device, data from your old device iCloud You can easily transfer it to your new device via (account).



iCloud storage space, iPhone for backup and if you want to keep your photos or iCloud Drive You can use it to keep your data on.

  • For this first of all Settings Open the app.
  • At the top Apple ID Enter section.
  • Located here iCloud Follow the option.
  • When you come down the page iCloud Backup You will see the section. From here, if this feature isn’t turned on, Open position.



  • Found on this page Back Up Now When you click the option, the backup process will begin.

However, if you do this, everything to be backed up will start to be backed up, regardless of your choice. If the size allowed 5GBIf you have data that exceeds the 10th space, it may not back up all your data. In general, a iCloud in backup application data, Apple Watch spares, device settings etc. You can back up the information to this platform and access it later.

After completing the backup process iCloud You can follow the steps below to enter the platform, where you can access information such as how much space you have left in the storage system, which application takes up how much space.

  • Settings Open the app and Apple ID Enter section and from here iCloud Press on text.
  • iCloud at the top of the page, currently existing iCloud You can see a graph showing how much space is left in the storage space and what it is allocated to.
  • Just below the graph Manage Storage Space Tap.
  • On the page that opens iCloud You can find out all the apps you have backed up to the storage and how much space they take.


Refills Tap the option; Against the documents and data item, the total space held by the backups will appear. Refills If under the heading, Apple IDYou can see the devices under your device in a list. The size (size) of the backup taken is shown opposite the section where the name of your device is written. If you tap here, you can see information about the backups. On this page, you can see how much space the backup of which application takes up, you can view the application backups you do not find necessary, Open-Close by touching the button out of order you can leave or active you can.

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