How to Fix Samsung TV Not Receiving Update Problem?

Last updated: October 19, 2020

Samsung Smart TV update while wanting to do Update Software partially passive and Samsung TV Update not comingBy doing the following few operations sa Smart TV update You can solve the problem.

Samsung Smart TV update for menu > Support > Update Software If the Software Update screen does not appear even though you follow the path, you can open the update screen by following the steps below.

Samsung TV Doesn’t Update

If you are trying to make a software update for Samsung Smart Tv (Software update) but the software update option cannot be selected, if it is inactive, you can update the software by trying the following way.

  1. Via remote Smart Hub Press the (hexagonal button on the remote).
  2. Then when the Smart Hub screen opens, press the Menu button.
  3. menu > Support > Update Software follow the path again.
  4. The software update will now be active and the software update will begin.

Software update on Samsung Smart TVs It will make the television work more stable. Many previous problems are eliminated with software update.

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