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Last updated: October 7, 2020

You can find answers to many questions such as what is the Google Play Store, what is the Google Play Store, what is the Google Play Store services for Android-based phones, tablets and smart watches.

What is Google Play Store, what is it for?

Google Play Store is the application market application that comes installed by default on Android operating system devices. In the Google Play Store, you can download various applications and games developed for mobile devices, paid or free, and have fun.

What is Google Play Services?

Google Play services, It is a patented background service and API suite from Google for Android, Android Wear and Android TV operating system. GoogleWith the Google Play Services application, it ensures that all applications are updated without any problems.

How to update Google Play Services?

Unlike other Google apps, Google Play Services doesn’t appear in Play Store searches. Therefore, it may need to be updated in a different way.

  • To update Google Play services directly from the Google Play Store, run chrome or your usual browser application on your phone and click on the link here.
  • After clicking the link, the google play store application will run and take you to the place to update. You can update by touching the update button here.

What does Google Play Services mean?

Google Play Services has stopped error can sometimes be caused by outdated Google Play Store and Google Services versions. Therefore, before proceeding to the next steps, these systems up to date make sure it is.

  • Google Play Store open the app,
  • Located at the top left “three pointsPress the ”icon,
  • My apps and gamesClick on ”,
  • Here “Google ServicesIf there is an update named ”, do it,
  • Three pointsRe-enter the menu accessed with ”,
  • SettingsClick “,
  • Found below “Play Store versionPress the tab named ”,
  • Thanks to this if there is a new version to download will begin,
  • Your phone after updating restart.

How to disable Google Play services?

To stop or disable the Google Play Services application;

  • Log in to the “Settings” menu in the list of apps on your phone.
  • Tap the “Applications” option on the “Settings” screen.
  • Tap on the “Google Play Services” application among the applications in the list that comes up.
  • On the information screen that opens, you can tap the “Disable” button, then the “Pause” button.

What if we disable Google Play services

It is possible to disable this application on some phones. In such a case, you will have disabled many features of your phone. For any reason Google Play Services app if deleted Google Play Services app APK You can eliminate this problem by taking advantage of the download opportunity.

In short Uninstalled Google Play servicesIf you do, the apps may not work.

How to turn on Google Play Store Auto update?

To automatically update applications on Android;

  • Enter the Google Play Store, press the icon at the top left and open the menu section.
  • Enter Settings here.
  • In the General section, you will see the option to Automatically Update Applications.

In this section, you come across three different options. When you activate the automatic updating of the applications, all the innovations that come to the applications you use are automatically updated. In this section, if you do not want updates to be made automatically from your internet package, you can use the option that the application will be updated only over WIFI. Thus, as soon as your device connects to WIFI, applications are automatically updated in the background.

How to remove devices registered in Google Play Store?

When you log in to any mobile product with Android installed with your Google Play account, the system automatically saves your account information and device data. Thanks to this information, the system uses the same data when logging into Google Play with the same devices later. This automatically adjusts the compatibility of apps and games.

However, when the device list swells after a while, various problems can occur. The most common of these is selecting the wrong device during application installation. This is why many users cannot install mobile applications or games on their system.

But with a simple method, you can deactivate Android devices that you are not currently using and get rid of this complexity. Continue to You can find it in our article here.

Play Store deleted, how to install?

If Google Play Store is not available on your device or if you deleted it by mistake, you can restore it as Google Play Store APK. To install Google Play Store as APK on your device;

  • Log in to this page on your device and then from here Download the APK file suitable for the Android version of your device from the Google Play Store APK files.
  • Install the APK file and restart your device.

How to close Google Play Store account?

First of all, you need to log in to When you log in here, you will see the account preferences section. Click on “delete account and services” right below this post. Check the ‘Delete Google Account and data’ option to delete.

Click on delete later, following the instructions. This way, you can easily delete your account.

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