How to Change Number in TikTok?

How to Change Number in TikTok?

In this article, TikTok We will inform you about the number change process, which is one of the common problems of its users. Let’s discuss how to change the old registered phone number.

Generally, the problem is that you cannot access the account because the old phone number is closed. For solution changing number or delete number What can be done for? The TikTok app has achieved great success worldwide, making a rapid entry among popular apps. One of the biggest factors is the advertising budget. Some features added in the application, which can share short videos, gained the appreciation of the users. In the continuation of our article, TikTokWe will tell you what needs to be done for number changing and adding changes with screenshots.

Users with old phone numbers often have problems with payments and rewards because they cannot receive codes. Changes are made by sending the code to the old number. ‘Report a problem’ Operations can be controlled by writing text on the menu.

  • After opening the application, enter your profile (At the bottom ‘Ben’ the part written).
  • Then go to the top of the screen and three points Click the icon.
  • On the screen that opens Manage My Account Click on the menu.
  • Later Phone number Enter section.
  • Change Click to start the number change process.

Request to Remove Numbers in TikTok

  • Three points Let’s go to the settings by clicking the icon.
  • Slightly below ‘Report the Problem’ Enter the text.
  • For the phone number change in the headings, Account and Profile ⟶ Email and Phone Number ⟶ Change Account Linked Phone Number Let’s click on the options.
  • The steps to be taken are shown on the screen that opens. After the information is updated, retries are made. However, if the problem persists ‘Does the problem persist?’ section should be continued.
  • If the problem is not resolved ‘Yes’ option should be checked.
  • After the feedback ‘Does the problem persist?’ option is marked.
  • ‘Let us know your feedback’ page will appear. An explanation should be written that summarizes the problem encountered. Feedback will be made after necessary investigations. For security reasons, do not add your personal information in reporting problems.

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