How do I hide my number in Telegram?

How do i hide my number in telegram?

hide Telegram phone numbermek prevents strangers from accessing your registered phone number, thus allowing you to avoid online fraud and harassment. Alright how to hide my number in telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging app that requires a phone number to sign up. Although Telegram is an end-to-end encrypted platform, it offers many additional features and security options that allow users to further strengthen their privacy.

Hiding personal information such as phone numbers in Telegram is one of them.

To hide the phone number registered in Telegram from other users, first make sure your Telegram app is up to date.

You can download the current versions of Telegram directly to your phone from the links below.

How do I hide my number in Telegram?

  1. Open Telegram in the upper left corner. three lines Tap the button.
  2. Here by selecting Settings Privacy and Security Tap .
  3. Phone number Click the button.

You will see three options.

  • No one : Hides your phone number from everyone.
  • my contacts: Only your contacts can see your phone number.
  • Everyone : Your phone number is not hidden, it is visible to everyone.

at your request Select one of the options according to the option and press the confirm button.

How do I hide my number in Telegram?

Telegram hide phone number process will be completed.

Apart from the contact number, users can also change the privacy status of other things like profile picture, last seen or online status.

How do I hide my number in Telegram? one

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