How to Add Widgets to Lock Screen?

Last updated: October 28, 2020

In this article, Android and iPhone phones add Wdget to lock screen We will discuss how to do the process. Weather for lock screenIt is very easy to add Widgets that you can easily follow such currency rates.

Adding Widgets to Android lock screen

Android devices add widgets to the lock screen The feature has been available since Android 4.2. Android add widget to lock screen for;

  1. Settings Log in to the app.
  2. Security Click on the tab.
  3. Lock Screen Widgets Activate the box.
  4. Turn off the screen.
  5. Turn on the screen.
  6. While on the lock screen, swipe your finger from right to left.
  7. ‘+’ Click the sign.
  8. Choose a widget from the list.

Android remove widget on lock screen for;

  1. Long press the widget.
  2. Drag the widget over the trash can icon that appears below.

After all these steps, you can remove the widgets that you do not want to be on the lock screen.

Add weather to iPhone lock screen

First of all, location access of the Weather application must be “Always” enabled in order for the weather information to appear correctly on the lock screen.

  • Settings > Privacy > Location Services

You can change the location sharing settings of Weather by following the steps.AlwaysSet as ”.

Bedtime Mode must be enabled from the Do Not Disturb option to show the weather information on the Lock Screen. As a result of using the Do Not Disturb feature in a timely manner, the feature will automatically turn off when the time comes, and weather information and “Good Morning”, “Have a nice dayA welcome message such as ”will appear.

Weather information Lock ScreenYou can follow the steps below to show on.

  1. Settings opening the application Do not disturb Tap the menu.
  2. Next to the Scheduled option green so open position.
  3. Select the Start and End time and Bedtime Mode Turn the switch next to the option to green, to on.

Which will automatically activate at the specified time Do not disturb with the feature closing at the end time Bedtime Mode It will be triggered and the weather information and welcome message will be displayed.

Weather information will disappear automatically the moment you unlock your iPhone.

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