How to Cancel E Government Subscription?

Last updated: October 27, 2020

Fixed phone, Mobile phone, Digital TV subscriptions E Government subscription cancellation With the service, you can easily.

As of October 26, the subscription cancellation procedures of electronic communication companies with more than 200 thousand subscribers can be canceled through the e-Devlet gateway.

You can subscribe to fixed phone, mobile phone line, Digital TV either on the Web or via the mobile application. Moreover, making subscription cancellation requests via E-Devlet is completely free.

E Government Subscription Cancellation

Webden unsubscribe for;

  • BTK in e-Government Subscription Termination Application page go
  • Login to your E-Government account (You must log in to the E-Government via mobile, electronic signature, TR ID card or electronic banking in order to perform the transaction on the login page for subscription termination.)
  • Verify your Personal information by checking your subscriptions.
  • Select the subscription you want to terminate and fill in your Termination application reason.
  • Finally sign the Subscription termination document.

You can apply for a subscription cancellation for the service you will cancel from the results.

Mobile subscription cancellation for;

After you open the mobile application, you need to login to your e-Devlet account.Subscription Termination Application ” Just click on the service.

After the termination application made through the e-Government Gateway, the pricing for the service will be stopped by the service provider within 24 hours.

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